How do the Catholics see the migration in evolution?


I examine some diagrams of the process of evolution and I want to ask for your take on how the migration of the homo sapiens would be,where Eden would really be? I will soon ask a question on what the places of Genesis would be on another forum.


I think of Eden as meaning the state of having the pre-fall preturnatural gifts as opposed to a physical place.

As for the migration of humans from our place of origin, most models have us coming out of Africa and spreading from there. I don’t see any reason to contradict that.


but doesn’t the Garden have descriptions of rivers near it?


Do you hold a literalistic interpretation if Genesis? (Just trying to gauge how to answer future posts.)

There’s a lot of figurative language in Genesis. And the Garden as a pre-sin state would make sense in my opinion.


Elijah and Enoch are being kept in an earthly paradise that sounds a lot like Eden. I don’t believe Eden is of this world :earth_americas:


I looked at the maps of where the rivers were and considered one thing: that they were put there for a narrative based purpose as the rivers are connected to one lake, going out into the land including there neighbors (as it was written for the ancient Hebrew people who would have focused on the law and the relationship between nature and God. Fertile lands were probably used since farming and herding was local), making it possible for plants to grow exploring this idea that once the garden was planted that they would maintain it to a newer Garden, constantly blessing the land with the fruits of human blessed skills. the garden maybe a beautiful metaphor of God telling is creation to go out in the world and bless this new creation a the stewards of the world.

Another idea I have considered is that Eden as a source of generation to all life on Earth. If that was true, all life then would be born from it. If so, does that mean Eden would be the symbolic of the relationship, the familiar kinship with God. The Banishment was a separation between God and Human. The Land cursed to prevent Man being capable to expand greater in their own decision of what is right and wrong. Original sin would have happen as the sin to chose what is right or wrong, defining what is needed for they own needs. The fruit as the idea that we should chose what is Right or Wrong as the fruits was interpreted as the sciences of the world and other pleasures.As we have chosen to do it we have be taken by the Devil in the Path of isolation of The LORD; the Disobeying of the LORD.

whilst there could be evidence of the rivers once connecting together the idea of the garden being all mostly symbolic with the original Sin being the real deal as Adam and Eve have chosen in our nature to chose what is right or wrong causing all the fall(except the LORD and such).

I hope this doesn’t support a heresy… any opinions on it?


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