How do the saints hear the prayers of more than one person?

I’m sure at any point in time, there are many people praying for the intercession of many saints, especially well known saints such as St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Christopher, St. John Paul II (well, almost a saint!! a few more days!), St. Teresa of Avila and many, many others.

If I’m in the US praying fervently for St. Anthony to help me at the same time 17 other people are also in the need of his intercession (surely I"m not the only one who loses her keys! :stuck_out_tongue: ), how does that work?

Just curious.

It would not work if the Saints experienced time in the same manner that we do (doled out to us, second by second).

However, if the Saints had a more “eternal” existence, each could have an infinite “time” to respond to each request.

If heaven is truly “eternal” then each Saint in heaven has an eternity to respond to each petition. There is no summation of finite earthly requests that could possibly overwhelm a Saint in heaven (not even the “popular” ones, of whom Our Blessed Mother is Queen).

It wouldnt be any problem for them…when you pray to a saint for help with an issue all they have to do is go before the throne of god and ask god for the pettins you have asked for…

If a hundred people pray for help to a saint then the saint could just mention to god who prayed and what they asked for…after that its up to gods will if the prayers get answered or not…

Don’t forget that everything is done through God and God can do everything you can think of in one go.

Though I can’t find the section right now I recall reading Mary of Agreda talking about this.

The nut of what she described was this. As the soul becomes closer to God and enters into fuller and fuller union with him part of that union includes an awareness of a wholly different nature that transcends time and space. It is truly unlike the veiled existence we have today but it is at its core a function of the most complete union with God.

If I can find this I’ll share it. I’m not doing it justice. It was the most profound explanation I’d ever read.

Thanks y’all.

I had never heard of ‘being outside of time’.transcending time until this past year, so it isn’t ‘set’ into my brain yet.

I’m not doubting, just not understanding. I appreciate you helping me to understand!

Sacred Scripture (Tobit 12:12) suggests that angels relay our prayers to heaven.

The use of angels as prayer messengers solves your problem. Angels simply communicate our many completed prayers to the saint in heaven in an orderly but expeditious manner, assuming that spirit (angel) to spirit (soul) communication in heaven, since neither is subject to any physical constraints, is much faster than we are used to on earth.

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