How do traditional Catholics 'celebrate'/'have fun'?

I wonder: how do traditional Catholics (especially some of the ultra-traditionalists we have here) ‘celebrate’/‘have fun’?

My tongue is firmly in cheek here, so I mean no offense by this, but I picture a dinner party:

A group of adults gather around a dinner table. They sit, pouring themselves precisely one medium glass of wine and not a drop more, which they will nurse all night so as not to risk inebriation.

All present compete to say grace, but it is decided that it must be a male - since it is not the place of a woman to speak out of turn.

One woman has indeed gotten too uppity, and revealed a bit too much forearm. No worries, though, the hosts have provided a suitable pile of fabric to make sure her skin is fully covered, lest any man become tempted.

Grace having been said, and the prayers of the entire table to overturn Vatican II having been heard, the meal commences.

Enough food has been provided such that all may be satiated, but not too much, lest anyone behave gluttonously. True, we are celebrating, but we must always be on guard.

The men discuss politics, hunting and sport. The women keep their heads down and speak when spoken to.

Following dinner, great care is taken to establish a dancing area. It must be large enough that spouses may keep 3 feet from each other, and non-spouses: 4 feet or more such to avoid any potential for lust. Non-objectionable instrumental classical music is the sole fare of the night.

Following dancing, we adjourn for medium sized cups of coffee and small pieces of cake. Care is taken to, once again, avoid any possibility for gluttonous behavior.

Chant music plays gently in the background, because anything else is the devil’s music. Conversation flows from the all too light (the weather, the neighborhood) to the all too heavy (Aquinas, More, etc.)

The party is over at 9 PM, and the couples leave to pick up their children from the All Saints Day costume ball.

Heh, again, tongue in cheek. I think the Priests in my Parish have a lot more fun than this!

But yea, I do wonder sometimes. If you’re a trad, how do you ‘celebrate’/‘have fun’ with all the scruples running wild?

This sound like the way some fundamentalist Protestants “celebrate!”

You can’t.

Living a religious life and having fun are mutually exclusive.

Oh really…? :):stuck_out_tongue:

St. Francis would have a thing or two to say about that! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ultra trads” are the most joyless, critical, fault-finding group I know. It is often painful to read their posts, for they just teem with negativity, ready to point fingers of blame at all who do not live “uprightly” as they do.

It used to anger me, but I have now been blessed to pity their blindness and offer a prayer, remembering that Jesus wept over Jerusalem.

Close to what I’d imagine. A few possible amendments:

The gentlemen remove their hats when arriving. The demise of the fedora was the beginning of societal decay. The men of course, wear suit and tie, and the women a modest dress, because no decent woman wears pants, ever.

After dinner, the men smoke their pipes, because its manly, as they discuss masculine topics.

The women meanwhile, cluck about the scandalous dress seen at Mass - you could see her throat! - while they clear the table and do dishes.

I sympathize with this view; it’s why I stopped reading the “Rorate Caeli” blog as one of my resolutions for the Year of Faith. They do have some good points about liturgical abuses, but their attitude borrows more from Cromwell’s Puritanism than the authentic Catholic faith, and the level of disrespect shown towards the Church (including our Holy Father) is frightening.

But we should never fall into the error of judging any group - especially Traditional Catholics, who are members of the same Body as us - on the basis of Internet posts. If you want to despair about any group of men, read their posts on the Internet. :smiley: I’m 100% sure that real Traditional Catholics (the ones who actually hold on to tradition, and don’t just try to act like Internet Tough Guys) are quite fun to be with, and certainly enjoy life in their own way! For example, they tend to have a lot more children - and children are certainly a source of joy, love and laughter! :thumbsup:

There are lots of examples of real traditional Catholics having fun. Think of the Church picnics in 1930, the All Saints day costume parades etc. :smiley:

Catholics should not be confused with Puritans or with pagans. We can drink wine or beer with dinner, dance at parties, and laugh a little at each others foibles.

The only difference between fundamentalist Protestants and fundamentalist Catholics is that one is Catholic and the other is Protestant. The mindset is the same.

However, Catholics have always been known to have more fun–we do not object to a little alcohol–after all, St Paul told Timothy to have a little wine for his stomach problems. You would never find that moderate glass of wine at a fundamentalist Protestant party.:wink:

I have to speak up about this. You have presented a negative and untrue stereotype of traditional Catholics. While I am not a traditionalist Catholic, there have been many in our homeschool group. They drink beer as well as wine, and usually have very large gathering with lots of friends and their children. Sometimes they might have a cocktail, but it’s rare. The women are usually more outspoken than the men. They wear modest, but fashionable clothing. There are kids running around everywhere, the moms have babies in their arms, and everyone coos over the newest additions to the family. They smile, and laugh. They might visit a corn maze in the fall, and some kid will get lost in it. A dad will just go through the corn towards the noise, and ignore the maze part. They might have Protestant friends over as well. Everyone gets to meet new people. It’s not the joyless bland drudgery you have portrayed it.

Of course it might be, but that would be due to the people being boring, not because they are traditionalists. I’ve been to boring parties put on by Protestants, Atheists, and Catholics. I’ve been to great parties put on by those groups too. It really depends upon the people involved. If there is a good group dynamic, it will be a great party. If the group dynamic is lacking, it will be a dud.

I must disagree with your analysis on his post. The friends you have in your homeschool group are conservative, traditional Catholics, based on your description of them. His post is regarding RadTrads…you know, those that don’t think a woman should get an education past high school, women that wear pants are committing a mortal sin, and the only valid Mass is a Latin Mass. They are extremists, not your local Latin Mass attendees that are conservative. Trust me, there is a world of difference between the two. Your friends and acquaintances likely have a deep reverence for Pope Benedict XVl- the people Veritas was discussing don’t believe we have had a valid Pope for decades.

Your friends/acquaintances sound like conservative, traditional Catholics, not the RadTrads he was describing in his post. Your relatively new here on CAF and probably haven’t encountered some of the lunacy that’s been posted on here about “not having a valid Pope for decades”, the Mass in any other form than Latin is invalid, Vatican ll was heresy, women shouldn’t get an education beyond high school, women wearing women’s pants is a mortal sin"…you get the idea. That’s who the post was about.

I the words of a really great priest at a Mass at a Catholic group in college, “Jesus’ first miracle was KEEPIN’ THE PARTY GOING!”

I feel bad for the ultra-traditionalists because Christ clearly believed in relaxing and having some fun. When Mary told him the party needed help he didn’t just turn the water into any old wine, he turned it into the good stuff. People even commented that it was surprising that good wine was being served later. Most of the time they would start with the good wine and serve the cheaper stuff after people have had a few and were less likely to notice! Had Christ been like the stuffy ultra traditionalists he would have probably just commented that the people have eaten and drunk enough and making more might lead to gluttony.

Throughout our history we have a long line of dynamic, active men and women from all walks of life. We have many outspoken men and women that led things, changed things for the better, and STILL knew how to have some fun. Our Faith should make us vibrant and warm people, not stuffy stand-offish party poopers.


Actually, most Traditionals I have encountered online (there are none “in the flesh” here in my town) are genuinely nice people with a sense of humour, and I’m sure they’re wonderful parents, spouses and friends. We shouldn’t label our brethren based on what some “Internet tough guys” (sorry, I love that phrase) chose to spew on their little blogs. Heck, even Mel Gibson, Ultra-Trad that he is, has a reputation for pranks and jokes! :thumbsup:

This is a case of mean spirited and childish labeling.

First of all, why would people attempt to make such broad generalizations about how a certain group of people spends it’s free time. Maybe they do have fun in the same way that you prefer. OTOH, it is narrow minded, simplistic, and uncreative to assume that the only kind of fun that can be had is the kind that involves drinking, dancing, or staying out late (did I miss a cheap shot? fill in the blanks with the others that were thrown out). Even people who are grumpy on message boards are capable of having fun. Duh.

Show some charity. If you don’t like the way a “Rad-Trad” argues or the things they say, then take issue with their arguments. Mocking them for the notion that they must not know how to have fun makes a person look defensive and adolescent. Wherever your tongues are - cheeks or not - this is an offensive conversation. Let’s be grown ups people.

Firstly, VeritasLuxMea, grow up. Really. Just grow up and stop judging others. Why mock people you don’t understand?

The trads I meet (Sedevacantists among them) are a lot more well-adjusted then you appear to be. Maybe you could learn something from them. I see atheists/agnostics/non-Catholic Christians/etc treated better then them and it gets really tiring.

Why would they want to join the larger Church if this is the way they are treated/thought of?

Well, I haven’t run into any sedevacantists, but there have been some who lean towards SSPX, or questioning Vatican 2, which I always try to engage them in rational discussion on. They don’t actually attend SSPX masses or engage in outright heresy, though. But they do question. None of them hold opinions about women never getting beyond high school. One couple I know has a wife with a masters degree in theology, but the husband is a college drop out. She’s a big proponent of the Latin Mass. While some question the pants thing for women, some of them wear pants anyway. But dresses and skirts are pretty much the rule. None of them think it’s a mortal sin, though.

Again, there are people who will give a bad example of traditionalists, but I think they are the exception and are probably very outspoken in forums like this. They probably don’t attend very many parties because most others find their behavior insufferable.

To clear a few things up:

  1. This is not a thread telling you what Trad Caths do for fun/how they party. Rather, I’m sharing the funny mental image that I have of them.

  2. Thread was not created to bash Trad Caths, but to learn more about them. That is why I asked the question that I did, the question which has been answered to some extent by one person. I assumed that my silly mental image of them was incorrect, and would like to have a more correct picture.

  3. If any Rad Trad if offended, please lighten up, don’t be a perfect example of the stereotype. :wink:

Then perhaps they could take the time to adjust the way that I (and some others) think about them. Because hey, that was the purpose of this thread!

I don’t understand what a Traditional Catholic is and how they are different apart from some thing’s they hold on to, mainly latin mass. These thing’s could be cultural aswell so maybe someone could tell me? What i find odd about this thread though is that so many are complaining about the Traditionalist’s and their behavior’s yet i have seen many post’s failing to recognize immodesty and other’s who see no wrong in contraception etc. These are far more numerous

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