How do u know?

How do you know when u are ready to take up vocation in the priesthood?

You take up discernment with a good spiritual director. Even after entering seminary, you are still discerning. You aren’t expected to be 100% sure or ready before beginning the discernment process. Your diocisan vocations director can get you started.

From what I’ve heard… “When your nose hits the marble”. :wink:

More helpfully, the seminary is a time for discernment both for you and for the Church regarding you. If/When you are called to ordination by the bishop or superior at the end of that period (usually 6+years), then you know that the Church believes you are called. As to whether you are ready… your SD will help you with that.

You’re never sure. If however you feel called, jump in (after speaking to a spiritual director/vocations director) with both feet, and let God lead you. Seminary is a time for discernment as well as formation. God Bless.

If you feel that you’re called to be a priest so badly that you will be unhappy if you’re not one, do not join a mendicant or monastic order. Mendicants and monks do not have the right to be ordained. The community decides whom Christ wants as a priest. That decision is made for you only after you have made solemn vows for life. Many men enter a mendicant or monastic order with the idea that they will be ordained. The vocation director and superior at the time of admission may believe that he is a good candidate for the priesthood. As time goes by, the community changes its mind. It’s too late to back out. You’re in solemn vows until death.

If you join a mendicant or monastic order you must join because you want to be a monk or a friar and the priesthood is accidental to you. Because monks and mendicants regard the priesthood as accidental not essential to our way of life. We can always go to the local parish for the sacraments.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

I agree with most of what Brother J.R. is saying, but I also feel that if God really wants you to be a priest(and you are obedient to that calling), He will make sure that you are ordained. The same goes for a priest becoming a bishop- divine will is not going to be prevented.

I do not disagree with you at all on the Divine Will. I simply tell people that you must make sure to choose wisely. Divine Will does not impose itself or contradict what he has established.

If it is God’s Will that you be ordained and you join a community that does not ordain or that has a restriction on ordination, Divine Will is not going to overrule that, because those policies and practices are put in place through Divine Will. If you place yourself in one of those communities, then it is you who have created a situation in which there is no way out. God does not overrule human freedom. If human beings place themselves in untenable situations, they have to get themselves out of there. God will not overrule your poor choices, even when his Will for you is different.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

I see what you are saying, Brother. It would be foolish for such an individual to enter a community(e.g. the Lasallians) that forbids ordination. However, in ones in which ordination is seemingly accidental, I believe that one would still have more than a “fighting” chance of ordained if the Lord wishes it. I like your new signature by the way.

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