how do u pray

do you have a set time period/frame that you pray
do u first read the bible then pray
r u just consantly praying
do u pray in morning/night


I pray the divine chaplet and the rosary daily when I can with EWTN. I also pray mornings and night most days. I also try to include spontaneous prayer as I can.

I don’t open the Bible first but I do watch the Daily Mass on EWTN so I follow the daily readings for the Church.


I pray my Devine Office (TLOTH), morning, evening & night.
I pray the rosary at night.
I read my bible at night after the rosary.
I do my novena prayers at lunch time.

I get up about 45-60 mins earlier than I need to in order to read scripture and pray…I like to meditate on the passage I’ve read…then Center Down and seek insight.

I spend time in the evening also to review the events of the day…to hold in the Light those who have made their needs known to me…or to seek guidance on a particular issue. If need be I seek the counsel of another Friend to assist me with clearness.

I pray throughout the day, but I always try to make sure I do at least 5 minutes of pure mental prayer (just talking to the Lord), read at least one chapter from the Bible, and pray the Rosary. I also say a brief morning offering, and pray with my wife and kids in the evening.

In the manner the Spirit moves me to do so.
The possibilities are infinite…:slight_smile:
So, never the same way twice.

a, c, and d.

I have always usually forgotten to pray in the morning as I am busy running around. Always pray at bedtime, and with the kids at their bedtime, then also sometimes during the day, and sometimes just all the time, or will incorporate it into my work when doing physical activity. Also, when I have need, temptations, or difficulty with something, or am in a fell mood or otherwise have a bad attitude.

I pray Morning and Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours, generally using this website: Divine Office. And I read and meditate on the Daily Mass Readings, using their reflection on the Gospels and reading about the Saints of the Day along with reading entries from Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary as a guide in understanding the readings. We also pray for blessings at meals, even eating out. I’ve found having a set routine beneficial because it keeps me on track and allows me to see what I need to work on as well as in what areas I’ve progressed. :slight_smile:

For me, a routine works best. I pray immediately upon getting out of bed in the morning and then immediately before getting back into bed in the evening. This is primarily mental prayer. I also pray the rosary every day at a set time. I try to begin and end the work day with prayer. When I’m waiting for the elevator on the way into work, I usually say the Memorarae. Throughout the day I’ll add little bbursts of mental prayer - especially for people and things I encounter.

Nine times out of ten I pray at night time between 10:00-11:30PM. I have a set list of prayers that I always say which include a DMC and a Rosary. Depending on what day of the week it is, I will say different prayers, and I end with asking God to bless my family and friends. After that, I contemplate my day, and talk to God. :slight_smile:

I pray the full Liturgy of the Hours every day, with each prayer at its appropriate time (though with some flexibility, for example if I have to leave the house early I may move Morning Prayer up a bit or if I sleep in, move it out, but it would still be between 6 and 8:30 am)

I celebrate Holy Mass.
I celebrate the whole Liturgy of the Hours.
I pray the whole Holy Rosary.
I meditate.

This is a very good topic of discussion and I’m glad to hear about what others do in regards to prayer. As for myself, the way in which I pray has changed over time from a formalized recitation to something a bit more fluid. Rather than to say a given prayer, I have set aside a time each morning to sit and listen. I do this for about 40 minutes, which is about the amount of time that resonates naturally with me. I don’t time it, but I know when I start and when I stop. It seems to naturally end up at 40 minutes. I have a quiet room where I go that I use for no other purpose. This seems to have conditioned me to get onto the proper frame of mind to set about this task. I light a candle and sit on the floor, usually with a blanket around me. I open the blinds so I can see the sky and the trees, which are rather dimly lit at that time of morning. Then I sit and I listen. What I listen for isn’t words or messages, but a connection of a sort, wherein I can feel a presence. Over time, this presence has come to attend me through the day. I start to see God in the world around me - people, animals, the sky, the water - whatever. I no longer see God as something other than the anima mundi that pervades creation. It’s rather different than where I thought I would be when I was instructed on the ways of God and the ways in which to pray, but it’s the way I have come nonetheless. It suits me.

Thank you for the opportunity to share.

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