How do we alter the way the public thinks?

For example, look at how fast public opinion changed in respect to same-sex marriages! What do you attribute this attitude change to? Is it being guided?

I think that God rightly refers to us as sheep. Some of us follow the Good shepherd, some of us are led astray by the wolf.

“He who controls the stories controls the culture.”

I think I remember hearing that somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

St John Vianney said not to scream with the newspapers but to spend time before the Blessed Sacrament and take it to the Lord.

Prayers are being answered. God knows we are a minority. Right now there are many bishops preparing lay evangelists.

I also know of a priest who is teaching and praying at a local mall starting yesterday. I am not sure if he will have adoration or the Mass, I thought there would be a chapel. I always saw that religious order being the sign of preaching the truth in this diocese. I envisioned the Blessed Sacrament being processed through the streets, this being the most unreligious city in the country with the highest casual sex.

I am not so sure we are the minority…

I heard it said that approx. 2-3% of the Population that was well organized - orchestrated the Nazi regime into power…

“How do we alter the way the public thinks?”

By asking the right questions.

By telling the right stories.

That is how Jesus did it.

Yes, of course it’s being guided. As being part of the light of the world though, it is our duty to continue to speak out publicly, without FEAR, that it’s unjustified.

We cannot keep silent, not among friends, family or in public… But we must remember to do it respectfully and within the bounds of charity… And we cannot give-in.

We MUST form the world to Gods standards. It is our job to influence everything we come into contact with with the essence of God.

Who put us in charge of changing the way the world thinks?

The world has always hated God. Public opinion is rarely “in sync” with the divine.

Live right. Love. Do small things with great love. These will have a positive effect on those around us. If enough people act in this manner, good will be result.

But never expect good from human society. The world is not that way. Never has been, never will be.

So it’s your job to steer the river?

Rotsa ruck! :smiley:

Do you think it happened fast? I feel like it happened slowly, step by step.

I think sometimes you can change someone’s opinion in one conversation.
A person can believe one way their entire life–sometimes because they are following some one else’s belief that has been pounded into them and they haven’t looked beyond that. But in one conversation, if the second person gives good reason, new information, facts and makes logical sense…they can change that person’s attitude in that moment.
I think they call that a “eureka moment”.

I think with same-sex marriage, to use your example…no one was talking about it, say, forty years ago. But now they are, so now people are conversing and the attitudes and ideas are moving around, changing, and spreading.

I assume this is how attitudes changed 1600 years ago, when the religion of Christianity began to spread under Constantine.
People began to talk about it and convince others?

Actually, it’s our job as members of the Church.

We’re not meant to be a segregated group of religious people who exist outside the bounds of society. Rather, we are Gods tool for transforming society into His image… We are to inform, and if we bail on Him, what good things can we expect to come…? I’d say chaos.:shrug:

The power of whisper is to move softly in the shadows, to repeat a lie until it is believed. The father of shadows is the father of lies is the bringer of death.

I cannot dismiss that the number of positive gay characters on TV has something to do with it.

I wouldn’t be surprised. The majority of us go about our lives, doing our work, caring for our families, following our God. We are not organized as the servants of Hell are, to the common purpose of a singular corruption of thought and morality. Perhaps it is time to organize as an Army of the Lord.

Did God not set the sun in order to bring life upon this rock? I think Catholics are like ‘living’ suns, meant to bring everlasting life into others through influence.

I think you should really see this other thread. It’s changed my perspective on life entirely… it leads into exactly what were talking about here.

How do we alter the way the public thinks? We don’t. We allow He through our love, our devotion to His Word, our prayer, our fasting and our faith.


We all have the free will to choose our influences, including Catholics. It’s up to us to accept His influence or not. Likewise it’s up to us on whether or not we channel His love out of us, or if we choose to hold it in selfishly.

…but yes, all things come from God and God only -but that’s not to say that we’re not responsible for what gets done here on earth.

I am not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories nor am I one to think human beings are generally mindless and apt to be railroaded by provocative propaganda. But in this case, it’s hard for me to not notice a trend.

I recall back in the 80’s how some TV shows would have a special episode with a gay character, usually someone getting picked on and bullied just for being gay. How can someone not sympathize with that?

Then in the 90’s, I started seeing more and more TV shows with recurring gay characters who were almost always the comedic relief. It’s hard not to like someone who makes you laugh.

Then we finally get to the point where we have a show like “Will & Grace” where the central character is gay. But even so, there is really no overt displays of same sex physical intimacy.

Now, I feel like we’re at the point where TV shows are not afraid to show same sex couples kissing on screen.

Of course, all this said, it’s difficult to conclusively state whether such portrayals are the cause or just a symptom of the current zeitgeist. But as you said, it’s tough to dismiss.

Well said sir!

The Church has always been a rock against the storm of secular society.

That doesn’t mean we can expect change in the short term but with constant prayer, and devotion like Scoty mentions above we will be able to bring further people back to the Faith by example. Over time (maybe many generations) change can occur for the better.

God Bless!

People that can identify with other people in their community that they know to be homosexual will probably be more empathetic to homosexual concerns than people that don’t know the homosexual people in their community (of course, this is assuming that said people have a friendly disposition with each other). This may extend beyond the people that one personally knows into TV personalities and characters (Ellen, “Will and Grace”, “Glee”,Modern Family , “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, Anderson Cooper, so on). Once faces can be put on the labels some people will approach those labels differently. The ballet question of “should homosexuals be allowed to marry” becomes “should people like they couple that lives down the street be allowed to marry.”

Some (including myself) don’t feel that there’s anything personally at stake if homosexuals marry. The claims that it will “damage the institution of marriage” isn’t taken as a phrase that is personally meaningful. If Joe and Bob down the street get married it doesn’t have any visible impact on my ability to marry Donna. If they want to engage in some civil contract with each other I’ve got no opposition to it.

I also understand that the occurances of people that people that wish to remain unmarried (I’ve heard them referred to as “Singletons”) is higher now than it was in previous decades. That may be an indication of a change in how marriage is seen or fits in our evolving cultures.

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