How do we change our culture?

No, they are not. But if you listen to popular music, much hip-hop and R&B refers to women as gold diggers, freaks, divas, babymamas, and plenty of words that aren’t fit to post here. Why?

I think we need to address these questions head-on if we’re ever going to build the Kingdom of God, which is inclusive to me of the term “culture of life.”

I don’t want to talk electoral politics any more. I think it’s divisive and makes adversaries out of people with common aims. Our country is divided more than it’s ever been, despite electoral outcomes hovering around 50/50 for decades. The Big Sort is a book from 2008 that I heard Boston College ecclesiologist Richard Gaillardetz cite in a talk I recently attended. It shows that if you look at locations that in the 1970s leaned one way or the other, they now are almost exclusively that way. This suggests that our culture is more divided that ever.

Here are two maps showing that on the county level, “landslides” in presidential elections have become vastly more prevalent over time, despite pretty close national totals.

See how many fewer competitive counties there are in the lower picture? The moderate middle is falling away. These patterns tell me culture is eroding, and reducing everything to a choice of two uniform policy positions represented by party platforms. Fundamentally, I don’t believe that government is the fix to most of our problems! To quote one of my favorite political books, Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau, “Voting for the right is doing nothing for it.”

I’m a liberal, but that doens’t mean I’m in favor of big government and libertine sex. I don’t think that conservatives want children to starve, nor that they want to return to the Jim Crow era. But that’s the kind of polemic that we throw at one another.

I think we can learn from one another. One of the most enlightening conversations I had was with a conservative Catholic who pointed out that marriage trends in society mean that more single-person households are cropping up, meaning fewer people per home, which is consuming more resources and is bad for the environment.

Can we have a conversation about culture? How can we change culture in a way that young people will plug into?

A few random priors. By listing them, I don’t intend to imply any conclusions. They’re just things I’ve heard or researched:
-I had a recent conversation with a suburban Detroit high school teacher who told me that 80% of her sophomores were sexually active, and that many young girls think that sex is on the critical path to romance.
-Abortion rates are highest in the northeastern US, among African Americans, and among women under 25 years old.
-Children whose mothers at birth say they were result of a mistimed or unwanted pregnancy get less emotional and learning support than kids born of an intended pregnancy.
-In the last 30 years, women in the lower 2/3 of the income distribution have become much more likely to become single mothers than women in the upper 1/3 of the income distribution.
-The vast majority of children in Detroit, near my home, are raised in single-parent homes.
-Productivity gains have meant that fewer workers are needed to do the same work.
-The offshoring of manufacturing jobs that require a lot of manual labor has meant that it’s hard to get a stable job in America without some post-high school education.

How do we fix our culture?

The problem with this analysis is that counties do not elect the president; people do through the electors. Counties are only areas. Some counties are far more populated than others; your analysis assumes they are all equal, so I think you have to look at electoral maps instead.

I see another thread on the topic of colonizing other planets, etc…
I think that is the only way to fix it. Move and start over.

On a more serious note…
The statistics are apalling! There is a war on the black community, I think more evil than ever before. God help us! Please God help us!

Could we rethink the title of this thread? :frowning:

i really try to stay optimistic,after your overview i have a heavy heart.these are things i know to be true,but i haven’t really seen them presented so succinctly .i have to remember all hope is in Christ.look forward to the discussion i hope this thread i believe you hope for also,without political constructs. if i could quote Joe 5859

I think Catholic social teaching is inherently Catholic. I see a strong Catholic trend whenever I read about it.

:eek: Say what, now?!?! I dont want yours or anyone else’s money, Thank you very much!! :cool:


The three most important things to fix our culture: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Most of the rest will be doing what God calls us to do, through our vocations, through our situations.

Well, I picked the title to draw attention. I was inspired by the recently popular song, “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. It’s a wildly popular song with the line, “she’s a gold digger, thought you should know n****r.”. It disturbs me that a radically popular song like this one features such stereotypes.

I think it points to problems in our culture, which is what I wanted to discuss. With politics high on everyone’s mind, I thought a line like this - as outrageous as it is - would get the discussion started.

Do you think the title is offensive? I tried to quickly say no, but did it go far enough?

If this was my fist visit to the forum as a black woman and my first thread title, I wonder if I would want to read further-or to explore other threads. We represent our faith through our posts and their titles. One way or another, we are all part of the new evangelization.
What that title evangelized was hurtful to me.
I trust that its was hurtful to other Catholics, black white etc.
I wonder if you can get the title changed by making a special request to our moderator? It might be a kindness.
May God bless you and all who meet on Catholic Answers. Amen.

I can’t believe this question is allowed. I didn’t even read the textbook long OP because frankly, I don’t want to know what it says. I really think that this thread would be more appropriate for Yahoo! Answers than CAF.

maybe the title isn’t appropriate,but the thread is.and how can you make a judgement without reading it?

:shrug: Whether it’s fair of me or not I refuse to expose myself to blatantly racist and offensive things. If the thread is in fact not what the title says then the OP made a huge judgement error.

If I posted a thread with the title “Is this erotica steamy enough?” I feel like most people would not put themselves through reading such a long post, no matter how appropriate I claimed it was.

Thank you for your kind response.

I have sent a request to the Forum Admin to see if the title can be changed.

The greatest population of black women is found in Africa! Life does not begin and end in the U.S.A. The title should be changed in relation just to black women in

I have asked the Forum Admin to change the title, if possible.

Actually, I think CAF is exactly the place for this discussion. The question is why does our culture celebrate this kind of sterotype, and how can we as Catholics (or you as an atheist who seems to care a lot) change our culture?

Please read my whole OP. I would appreciate insight from someone outside the Catholic faith.


Not a problem.:thumbsup:
It’s only a matter of time, before I will be making a similar request. I’m in no position to be casting stones…May God bless us all!

Thank you. I was going to post that very suggestion myself. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Very good post. :tiphat:

Could we rethink the title of this thread?

yes, please. :rolleyes:

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