How do we decline a same-sex "marriage" invitation?

A good friend of my husband’s is getting “married” to his long time partner. We will be declining attendance, but it is not as simple as saying “not coming”. The nature of their relationship is sensitive because of the bond that is built between sponsor & sponsee (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous). My husband no longer sponsors him (for reasons not related to the above mentioned issue), they still have an important history. Also, this man is part of a Christian mega-church. This is important because when constructing a letter to him, I would like to incorporate scripture passages on God’s love. I believe this is the best route in relaying that we both care for him, even though it may not seem that way because we are not supporting his “marriage”. I think you can start to see my dilemma. I wanted to build a picture of the nature of the relationship so whoever will be offering advice on the matter can do so in the right direction. This IS about love of neighbor, and I know you would all agree. So I implore your help, I feel like my emotions have left me tongue-tied and with some serious writers block.

The following link should help answer your question about same-marriage wedding invitations. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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