How do we determine if a priest has priestly faculties?


I’m travelling with a group and there is a priest with us. He’s been saying mass for us, but I don’t think he has spoken to the Bishop for permission.

Is it possible that faculties could be received from the religious order with whom our group is working? They asked our priest to bring his mass kit, and I think he may be presuming permission from that. Would this be enough?

Since I’m concerned the mass may not be licit, I started attending a local parish instead. I realize you can’t give a complete “what to do” answer based on the limited information here, but anything you can tell me about this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! God bless you.



He already has faculties from his local ordinary. In the new code of canon law every priest receives faculties from his local bishop for the whole world.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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