How do we experience time?


How do we experience time if time is objectively real but we have no sense to perceive it?


Our experience of time is the calculable time it take to move from one point to another, typically how long it takes to do a certain task in relation to the sun or moon.


How would you define time


A variable entity which allows change to happen.


The perception of time can be an illusion too. It can be perceived differently by people depending on what they’re doing (“A watched pot never boils…”)


So you presuppose that time is an entity? Like in the platonic sense?


You are giving agency to time?


How do we perceive time?


I don’t know what is platonic sense of an entity.


Depends how much fun you’re having.


What do you mean with agency?


An agent. You said this:

A variable entity which allows change to happen.


Plato’s theory of Forms state that there exists a plane of “actual reality” and everything we experience here are a variation or “imperfect shadow” of the actual reality (ie Forms).

You make it sound like there is a “thing” in a different plane of existence called Time by calling it an entity. I could be mistaken on how you define it though


Let’s say that time is a variable entity which change is not possible without it.


What if “time” is descriptive only? An anthropomorphism. What if we had eyes to perceive more deeply than we do, and if we did, time is not really an existing thing?


On this side of eternity, while we are alive in this life, we have time. We have seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, eons etc etc. All qualities of time in this life.

After we die, In eternity, it’s just the eternal NOW. A gazillion years from now in our understanding of time, is just NOW in eternity. In eternity, there is No yesterday or tomorrow, just today, now, and that is forever. That said, One needs to be in the right place :slightly_smiling_face:


I consider time to be the change in location of things relative to each other. I’m talking big picture, like everything in the universe changing position. Time is our word for that reality.

We cannot go back in time because we can never put everything back into the same positions relative to each other. Literally everything in the universe would have to be as it was.


Kinda-related, are you a programmer or a mathematician?


I see. I mean that time is a thing.


Time cannot be anthropomorphism. I have an argument for that. Consider a change in a system, S->S’. These states should be in different point related to a variable otherwise state of affair is ill-defined. You however need a duration between two points otherwise change does not take place. This variable is therefore time.

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