How do we experience time?


My apologies.

I agree with you. If I came across disagreeably, it is because I was questioning STT’s concept. You gave a better description of time when you said it was analogous to length., and I was trying to build on that to describe time.


This article does not describe time as an entity. It says “In Einstein’s theory, space and time are aspects of a single measurable reality called space-time.” Entity is usually applied to a separate being, but time is an aspect of space-time, not a separate existing-in-itself thing.


Can’t you find even one particle which is not in motion in the vast universe?


In this article space-time is discussed as a fabric. Time is a separate thing without it you could not have space-time.


In what way is time a “separate thing”? As i said, the article describes time as an aspect of space time, not a “separate thing.”

The article also addresses the issue of motion. “Matter and energy are two expressions of a single material.“ A motionless particle, if it is matter, embodies energy and movement.


Time is fundamental thing/entity in reality without it no change was possible. I have an argument for that. Consider a change in a system, S->S’. These states should be in different points related to a variable otherwise state of affair is ill-defined. You however need a duration between two points otherwise change does not take place. This variable is therefore time.


As I said before, the variable measuring duration in your example is time. There is no reason to think it is a separate thing, rather than a different quality of the two states.


Then you didn’t pay any attention to my argument. Time is fundamental. It is fundamental since without it no change is possible. This is clearly argued in the argument.


No, can you?


Yes. The chair that I am sitting on right now.


Time is fundamental because it is an intrinsic quality of spacetime, not because it is a separate entity.

Your chair is spinning around the earth’s axis at some fraction of .5 km/s, depending on your location, and is going around the sun at about 30 km/s.

The point is that space and time are not distinct, but interrelated. And matter and energy are not distinct but “two expressions” of one thing.


Yes, space and time are interrelated but they are distinguishable therefore they are different entities.


Like your height and your weight? They are distinguishable, so they are different entities?


Yes, like that. Although height is not an entity whereas space is.


Why is height not an entity?


Sorry, it is.


Is moving with the continental shelf, on a spinning planet, orbiting a star…etc etc. If you think you’re chair is stationary, there is really no point in continuing this conversation


Then I guess by your own definition of time, you’ve experienced it.


As sequential durations.


Yes, I agree with that.

All the best!

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