How do we explain that the Eucharist is not Cannibalism?

We are reading the Book of Exodus in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and it has been great! We usually only get through one chapter a week because of the discussion and sharings we do. Last week in Chapter 8, under the questions for Application, the question was listed as; “#3. 8:26 Christian religious practices can sometimes appear either abominable or at least distasteful non-Christians; for example, pagans once thought that the Eucharist involved cannibalism, and that objection is sometimes still heard. How would you explain the differance between consuming the Body and Blood of Jesus and cannibalism? (Hint: Is Jesus, whom you receive, living or dead?)”
Can you help with this question? Thanks God Bless.

Dear friend,

Jesus is not dead. He died once and will never die again. We consume His body —not in its natural form (the way Cannibals eat human flesh), but under the form of bread and wine.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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