How do we handle Pope Francis and the liberal media?

Hello fellow Catholic Christians,

I just read a disturbing commentary on yahoo regarding the Pope’s picture on the cover of Rolling Stone. It says that the Pope answered “who am I to judge?” implying that he is dismissive and as such tolerant regarding these important social issues when asked about gay marriage and abortion. The main stream liberal media is portraying Pope Francis as a leftist Pope who gives the impression that he is “hands off” these issues.

Is not our Holy Father a representative of Jesus Christ here on earth? Is it not the official position of the Catholic Church that abortion is an abomination and that homosexuality is not acceptable according to the Bible?

Has that somehow changed according to Pope Francis? The media now considers him their “darling” because they think he is pro abortion and pro gay marriage. How did this happen?

These links should give you the answers that you need. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by this, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
It is important to always read what Pope Francis says and not what the press reports.
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