How do we keep the Sabbath?

This question is for all Christians. Is keeping the Sabbath (whether it is Saturday or Sunday) a holy day set-apart for God important today? Many Christians did this just a hundred years ago, but I don’t hear about families doing this much today.
How shall we treat the Sabbath?

As far as I know, the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy still stands. I would say we need it now more than ever, given the stress and hectic pace of modern life. We try to keep it a day to go to Mass, stay around the house or do relaxing activities. We avoid shopping (for non-essentials) or doing things that would cause someone else to have to work on Sunday as well. Like Jesus said, the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. If only we would follow His wisdom :slight_smile:

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