How Do We Know Gnosticism is False?

Hello, I have seen a person on another site claiming that when Christians talk to God we are actually talking to the Demiurge, or an evil being that created the world and all matter. He also claimed that our religion stemmed from others and we now worship darkness. He also says he’s met beings that work for the demiurge that try to hide what they really are after he experienced gnosis. It didn’t bother me at first, but now I’m a bit paranoid. I’m even questioning the fallibility of Scripture. How do we refute these claims?

It is written many times in the bible(365?) in one form or another. Be not afraid.

Saint Irenaeus of Lyons wrote a treatise against gnosticism in AD 190, “Against Heresies”. It is avaliable for free here:

thank you! this will help me :slight_smile:

If someone makes a claim that we actually pray to the god “Demiurge” they have to present evidence of that positive affirmation. Otherwise, you are welcome to refute such an assertion as easily as the other person makes it.

Gensis 1:31. Since Gnostics believe matter to be evil, that presents a problem.

God gave us a human nature. When confronted with danger or fear our nature responds two ways, fight or flight. I would suggest simple flight. Walk, don’t run to Church, pray and meditate on Scripture. So to speak, Go to the rear lines and become strong in prayer and knowledgeable in the discernment of the Catholic faith.

Having said that I can’t help sharing a few tips. There are several ways I know when there is a confrontation with evil philosophies and doctrines. They all come from St. Ignatius after his arrest and during his march to Rome for martyrdom.

*]“know that Jesus the Lord was truly born of Mary, being made of a woman; and was as truly crucified.” He who would “take away the divinity of Christ, is a devil, and an enemy of all righteousness.”

*]“There is then one God and Father, and not two or three; One who is; and there is no other besides Him, the only true [God].” God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit, not three but one God.

*]Love God and neighbor with your whole heart, soul and mind. [Cf. Matthew 22:37]

*]Guard “against those heresies of the wicked one which have broken in upon us, to the deceiving and destruction of those that accept of them”

]“Beware, therefore, of those that hasten to work mischief, those enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose glory is in their shame.” [Philippians3:18-19] He says to beware of “dumb dogs” and “trailing serpents” Use your imagination who these might represent.

]“Salute also Mary my daughter, distinguished both for gravity and erudition, as also the Church which is in her house.” [Colossians4:15]

Mary is a key tattletale. If Mary is presented in any way other than Immaculate or Ever Virgin you’ve found yourself dealing with heresy.

God’s speed on your journey.


How is it you fold so easily at that person’s rantings?

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