How Do We Know God Cannot Make Any Errors?


I hope this doesn’t sound like a dumb question, but in my New Testament class we discussed the inerrancy of Scripture. God authored Scripture. God cannot make mistakes. Therefore there are no mistakes in the Bible.

I believe this to be true, but after class I started wondering how do we know God cannot make mistakes? Is it proclaimed in the Bible or by Jesus? I do believe that God cannot make mistakes, but I am sure that I will come into a debate in the future where someone may deny that God is perfect. Any help or pointers would be appreciated!!! :shrug:


That is in respect of religious truths and declaration of the mysteries of faith.


How are you defining God? I would start out by defining God as a being of absolute perfection. If the world turned out to be created by some other sort of being, I would not call that being “God” (though it might be a “god” in a looser, polytheistic sense).



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