How do we know Islam is False?

How do we know Islam is False?
May Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity Bless you.

Well according to the Catholic Catechism, there are plenty of Truths in Islam.

Why can’t threads be focused on points of UNITY between different Faiths, rather than finding opportunities to pick fights?

“Why not try peace for while, if you find that war is better, it will not be difficult to start fighting again”

So what are some of the Truths in Islam?

It’s theologically flawed. Plain and simple.

One God, mighty, merciful and kind.

I know that the only way to the Father is through the Son. If anyone does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and do not baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit then they do not know the Truth.


Why start with the notion that Islam or Moslem is false? It is based on much the same scripture as Judeo-christian faith is…

I have a great Moslem friend and we talk at length about what we have in common and it seems much more than fundamentalist christians (right wing protestants in republican parties :slight_smile: are willing to acknowledge…

Of course there are difference but we honour the differences and focus on the commonalities…I think the sad part of the Moslem faith is the extremests, but all faiths including the catholic faith have extremests where they believe their way is right and it is the only way …other ways must be destroyed…and that is hardly the message of Jesus when he simply said, if a community does not hear you…shake the dust from your feet and move on…there will always be ears and hearts welcoming of the message of jesus…

But study the moslem faith, enjoy its beauty and hang its art up on our walls…

bruce ferguson

It is a form of Christian heresy. They pick and choose which elements to take. Muhammad originally thought he was talking to a demon. And conveniently the “angels” told Muhammad that he was allowed to start killing people to defend their territory and to gain more Muslims. Also, the whole “it’s okay to lie to an unbeliever” when every human is made in the image of God and deserves dignity and respect, regardless of which religion they are (or no religion at all). Muslim countries tell people to convert or die, non-Muslims are heavily fined and treated badly by their Muslim neighbors. It’s about submission rather than charity.

You’re asking quite a loaded question.

Islam is quite large and there is much Theology to it and there are many flaws to it as well. Keep in mind that Muslims will say the same about Christianity, except you need to decide if what they say is believable compared to what Christians say.

To start, I would recommend you look up the story in the Qur’an of the clay birds Jesus made as as youth and Jesus speaking to Mary as an enfant under the palm tree to Mary. Those two stories alone should convince one that Islam is false as they are stories written 2-4 centuries after the death of Jesus Christ. Some however believed these were legitimate stories and when Muhammad was compiling his stories, he put them in the Qur’an.

There are many flaws in Islam that I could point out, but I suppose we could start with that.

I agree with you totally Servant19! Thanks for those beautiful and catholic words!

Bruce Ferguson

That is a staement of faith not knowledge.

Excellent points dronald, but it is also fair to say that the Book of John was not written for almost 100 years after Jesus died and many of the catholic canon was edited early in history too…only now… we are going back to the original texts…so i am not sure if the redaction argument is enough to say that Islam is false…what does it teach (and I am asking this not making a point - cause I don’t know) that is directly contrary to Christianity…the salvation of our souls?

Anyways yes, always willing to learn more and willing to hear you out.

bruce ferguson

Every time I think about this subject, I recall how often “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” is mentioned in the Bible. OK, I don’t have a number, but we’ve all heard this, right?

So God knew someday a sect would deny the Isaac and Jacob part?

I’m sorry…of course He knew. But is this why its stated that way?

Where does it say these things stepe 1987… I will forward the quotes to my friend who is from Tunisia, a beautiful Arab man and a strong Muslim person…I would love to hear how he addresses your points…that would be great if you could forward those sections in the Koran (spelling sorry)…or what sources you are getting your information from.

That would be great and thank youn Stephe.

Without sounding like I’ve joined a mutual appreciation club with Bruce, this is a great post that all Catholics can learn from.

These words are not very Catholic, or very Muslim or very anything, they are plainly, very God. God sees no labels in individuals, He sees the heart, and we all share commonality in this regard.

God bless

I know that it is Truth, I have no doubts, I pray for those who don’t know the Truth.

I judge no one.

The Koran teaches that at his return Jesus will kill all the people of the cross.
Guess who that might be.

That’s pretty cryptic gus.

I’m not here to respond to gamesmanship. If there’s a particular Koranic verse that troubles you, put it out in a post and let’s discuss like adults :slight_smile:

Look at its fruit!

it is false because it denies that Jesus is the Son of God. Mohammed is a false prophet.
and the religion that he founded is flawed. It claims that Christianity is corrupted and that Mohammed is the last true prophet. that is it in a nut shell.

that is totally false. One can’t have “unity” with a diabolical faith that teaches that Jesus is not the Son of God. No one here is trying to “pick a fight” but to have dialog, one should not run from major differences which DO exist between Christianity and Islam. There have been more Christians killed by Islam in the 21st century than any other time and if you truely look at it’s violent fruits, the way women are treated under its rule, there is practically nothing one can have in common with Islam.

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