How do we know that people don't become angels when they die?

I was asked this by a member of the Church of Christ.

I replied that the Bible clearly shows angels created separately from humans, and there’s no verse anywhere that suggests that one can become the other. Anything else I could have said?

I think you covered it. Angels have a nature, and humans have a nature, and they are not the same. We don’t loose our human nature in heaven.

Angels are a whole different species, yes.
They are non–corporal spiritual beings.
We will receive a glorified body. Angels do not have bodies, nor will they ever have bodies. If you friend even thinks about it for a while, he’ll realize that the scriptures do not support people turning into angels.

Or, to look at it a different way, Jesus did not become an angel. He retained his human nature. We are to follow Our Lord.

Or the angel that guarded Eden after Adam and Eve got booted out. If angels are man after death, where’d he come from?

God made us from earthly material and the breath of his Spirit in Genesis didn,t He?

At the end of time He will create a new heaven and earth for us. Therefore our bodies will be resurrected. Does that sound like we are angels?

What is a human being - it is a being consisting of a body and an immmortal spiritual soul. An angel is a pure spiritual being.

So, by definition, people are not angels.

Let me put it this way. Ask your friend if he thinks that people can become dogs after they die or vis versa. He will likely respond that this is a silly idea. You then ask him how it is any less silly for humans to become angels. Question answered.


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