How do we know when a miracle is Satanic?

How do we know when a miracle is Satanic?

The Bible refers to people who can perform great miracles, but they are from the Devil, because he loves to deceive. How are we to know what miracles are good and which are not?

If it hasn’t been approved by the Church, assume it’s possibly a hoax (more likely than satanic, though of course I’m not saying that satanic isn’t a possibility, it’s just very unlikely).

Or, simply an unexplained natural phenomenon. Those are a possibility too.

This is an excellent and very important question. I will quote from an EWTN article on the process of beatification and canonization that answers it-
“While the scientific commission rules that the cure is without natural explanation, the theological commission must rule whether the cure was a miracle in the strict sense, that is, by its nature can only be attributed to God. To avoid any question of remission due to unknown natural causation, or even unrecognized therapeutic causation, theologians prefer cures of diseases judged beyond hope by medicine, and which occur more or less instantaneously. The disappearance of a malignancy from one moment to another, or the instantaneous regeneration of diseased, even destroyed, tissue excludes natural processes, all of which take time. Such cases also exclude the operation of the angelic nature. While the enemy could provoke a disease by his oppression and simulate a cure by withdrawing his action, the cure could not be instantaneous, even one day to the next. Much less can he regenerate tissue from nothing. These are, therefore, the preferred kinds of cases since they unequivocally point to a divine cause.
We know philosophically that certain things, such as creation from nothing, require infinite divine power and cannot be accomplished by angels and demons. We can and should be absolutely certain that when the Church authenticates a miracle, that it is in fact from God. I also recommend reading this -
God bless you! :slight_smile:

The bible says there will be many false prophets with these abilities though…?

And really, how many people would they convince if all they did was talk, and say they were some kind of 'god…not too many…in order to successfully deceive people today, they would have to do something right in front of them, that no other human can do.

With the internet and other social media nowadays though, the time is definitely right for some of these false prophets to start doing things, something like this would spread like wildfire on the internet and fool LOTS of people very quickly, especially if no one could debunk them.

Im thinking this is going to happen in the future, probably all within a short time frame, Ive never heard of any cases like this in recorded history though, where a human displays supernatural powers, but maybe there has been and its not widely known about or shown to many people? Who knows!

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