How do we know


How do we know what Jesus was saying while praying to God about what was going to happen to him (to take the cup from him). I know some of the apostles were there, but they were sleeping?


A common question. I’m sure that after Jesus rose from the dead, and I was there, I would ask him that. I mean, “right before you were taken away, while we slept, sorry about that, what were you praying about?”



Because all scripture is divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Jesus spoke in parables.

The cup He was asking the Father to remove if possible, was the crucifixion. Jesus had such a fear of what was to befall Him that He actually sweat blood.
But Jesus said ‘Not my will but Thine be done.’ ‘if this cup cannot pass from Me unless I drink it, then Your will. Not Mine be done.’

In other words:
‘Dad, If you can remove the Crucifixion from your plan, please do so, but if the Crucifixion cannot be avoided and I must go through it, Your will not Mine be done.’

Blessed Catherine Emmerich wrote about this in her visions of Jesus.
Interestingly enough: in Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions, an angel appeared offering Jesus a cup from The Father (the cup was symbolic of the Crucifixion), after praying, Jesus drank the cup. Jesus symbolically accepted the crucifixion. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions are private revelation, do not have to be accepted by the faithful, but it helps us understand that the cup He referred to was His death.

Jesus told St Faustina that it was His abhorrence to lukewarm souls that caused Him such agony and caused Him to say those words.
Because the hard hearted sinners can repent and be saved, but despite all Jesus suffering -a lukewarm soul could remain indifferent.

How did the apostles know what Jesus experienced in the Garden?

Jesus spent 40 days with them after He rose from the dead, John wrote, ‘Jesus did many other things during those forty days, and if all the things were written that could be written I do not think the whole books of the world could contain all that would be written.’
Jesus would have spoke much to them during those 40 days.

When the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, the Holy Spirit literally spoke to them afterwards,
Philip was told to approach an ambassador in a chariot (by the Holy Spirit)
Peter was given visions by the Holy Spirit
Paul was given a vision to send him to Macedonia
Jesus Himself spoke to Paul
John had extensive visions -revelation

The Holy Spirit inspired them and their writings are the Holy Spirit’s truth.
I believe they saw and heard Jesus say those things in the Garden of Gethsemene.
If not: Jesus Himself told them when He rose from the dead and stayed 40 days with them. Or the Holy Spirit revealed it to them when He came in power upon them.


Yes, knowing what He would go through and that many who believe in Him don’t seem to care.


Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day. What I thought was this: when I’m struggling to stay awake (as the apostles were) I’m still mostly aware of sounds around me. I would still hear some of what is said in my vicinity, especially since I would be trying to stay awake and not fall asleep. And they weren’t sleeping the *whole *time. I think they probably heard enough of Jesus’ prayer to know how he was praying.


Thanks. This helps!


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