How do we live by the Spirit?


With the fall of Adam and Eve human beings separated themselves from God. They, therefore, wrote the laws in a language that lacked the Spirit of God. These laws, therefore, prescribed stoning to death as a punishment for adultery (Deuteronomy 22:22), and permitted divorce (Mark 10:4) and revenge (Leviticus 24:1`9-21). Furthermore, their writings often described God as jealous, revengeful and violent. However, in the fullness of time God took a human form and lived amongst us to ransom us from the law by putting His Spirit in our hearts (Galatians 4: 4-6). Furthermore, by humbling Himself to take a human form and by enduring suffering and death to save us (who betrayed, abused and killed Him) from sin; He showed us that He is faithful, meek, humble, patient, selfless, gentle, all-forgiving, non-condemning, merciful and infinite in love. He also showed us that to love others is to sacrifice our own interest in the process of helping those who hurt and betray us; and commands us to love others the way He loved us (John 15:12).

To live by His Spirit, therefore, is to live a life of unconditional love. We must therefore forgive our transgressors without any limit (Luke 17:4); fight evil with love; sacrifice our own interest in order to help those who hurt and betray us; give to everyone who asks and not demand back what others have taken from us; give our shirt as well if someone takes our coat; offer the other cheek if someone slaps us on one; love our enemies; pray for those persecute us (Matt. 5: 39-40; Luke 6: 27-36; Matt. 5: 44); never to divorce our spouse (Mk 10:11-12, Luke 6:18; Matthew 5: 31-32); and prefer to be wronged or robbed than to wrong others or rob them (1Cor. 6:7).


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To live by His Spirit, therefore, is to live a life of unconditional love.


Yes yes yes! Anyone who lives in the Spirit lives in love. Christ comes not to take away the law but to fulfill it. He interprets the law according to the divine spirit and gives us the ultimate command: love God and our neighbor.

One doesn't need to be charismatically gifted or a mystic to live in the spirit. One only needs to love. This is universally true, no matter how big a sinner we are, what our past is like, what our state is in, how frail we are, how many temptations we face, or where our destiny might lead us. Simply love God and our neighbor, and we will be living in God and doing His divine will.


a tall order in deed. i keep trying the best i can. thanks for reminding.


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