How do we make our marriage a sacrament?

Today I was listening to Catholic Answers. They were doing “Who Wants to Be an Apologist?” I think the question was, “For a mariage to be a Sacrament…” Anyway, the answer was that both people must be baptized.

My husband and I are going through RCIA. We have been married 20 1/2 years. My husband is not baptized. I was baptized in the Methodist church. We told Father and he checked into “it” and said that there wasn’t a problem with our joining the Church (He did notice that there was a little problem somewhere, he just wasn’t sure where and he did check on it). Now I wonder if there is something else we need to do regarding our marriage.

Of course, my husband and I joked around about “getting married again” but now I’m wondering if there may be some truth to that.

Is there anything we need to do? We are going through the Rite of Election February 13th.


Dear M,

Even though your marriage cannot be a sacrament until both of you are baptized, the Church does recognize it as a valid marriage. When your husband is baptized, your marriage will automatically become a sacrament.

There is nothing that either of you has to do—other than his being baptized.
You both are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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