How do we put an end to the cult that is Scientology?


They are a Cult The reason I call it a cult is because they have a history of separating people from their families and friends by cutting them off. Then they prey on the victims money and soul by making them sign a billion year contract or whatever.

Cults usually collapse when their leader is dead but this one is still going on for decades. The evil organization that is Scientology is global and even have underground secret bases of who knows what they do in there. Probably lots of false worship and brainwashing to their victims.

They are not a Religion The reason why they are not a religion is because they are a business of lies. In other religions (although false), they at least have the intention of trying to help you. However, the intention of Scientology is to basically to harvest money off you and make you their slave. They try to make it where you feel like they are helping you but have no strong research or scientific study.

There so called religion is based on Witchcraft, drugs, aliens, and money. The cult leader’s own son is a witness to this I think. You cannot serve God and mammon.

Scientology is an annoying problem and probably has tens of thousands of serious victims over the years. With the millions of dollars they got from people, they can keep on making new buildings.


The Albigensian crusade offers a successful template.


By being effective witnesses, leading people gently and with respect away from false religions like scientology and toward God.

I heard a lovely metaphor once. Witnessing and evangelizing is like finding a bird locked in a cage. Our job is to unlock the cage, open the door, and show him how to get out. It isn’t to pull him from the cage.


At least other false religions encourage some ideas of love or fairness. Scientology is bad because it harms the rational soul to high degrees, the more your sucked into it. It harms the soul because it may cause mental disorders and memory problems with their brainwashing training and other things they do. They will try to make you forget everything.


Why bother? Wouldn’t one’s time be better spent, building up and strengthening one’s love for and faith in the Church that Jesus founded on Peter?

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