How do we receive gods grace in the sacraments?


Hi , I was wondering , HOW do we receive gods grace in the sacraments ?

Thanks chuck


Well, we really can’t give a mechanical “how-to” explanation of how it works. It’s a spiritual reality, not a mechanical operation.

I’m not really sure what type of response you’re looking for. :o


through the power of the Holy Spirit.


If you do not have one, please obtain a copy of the catechism, as there are far too many explanations in it to post here. Some amazing reading in there. Here is a page on the Sacraments from the online catechism. The complete online catechism is posted here.


:blush: Yes, of course that’s the answer. :o


God’s grace is supernatural. Man is natural. And yet grace brings man up to supernatural virtue in hope, faith, and love.
This is the mystery of grace, and one that is far beyond and above the light of human intellect.


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