How do we truly change, forever

How do we truly change? How do we end our sinful ways, and I mean SINFUL, not small time stuff.

How do we change and atone for our ways?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.


I’m far from where I should be but when you hit rock bottom there’s nowhere ELSE to go but UP! Yes, I will lift my eyes UP to where my help comes from!!

Jesus, I trust in YOU!

We start by turning ourselves around with developing good habits…and the best habit…is daily mass. Sounds like hard work, but you start small. Every Tuesday for a month go to mass and receive communion if you can. then add Wed or Thursday to your Tuesday and before you know it, you can’t get enough of it because you begin to crave the good habit of attending regular mass. The strength to avoid temptation is unbelievable. You can’t help but notice the change in yourself, and that change is noticed by others…whether you realize it or not. You become less critical of the little things too, because you get this inner peace somewhere. Try it. Not talk about it it…truly try it.:thumbsup:

I could try this too though once I have a job I think it would only be at 8am and no way to go… unless, something later downtown. Have to check.

Letting it all sink in, absorbing it all. Can watch Mass online too but I know that’s no substitute if we can get to Mass. Praising and thanking God right now.

Forgetting what lies behind and pressing on to the goal!
Jesus, I trust in YOU!

I can tell you how I did it - having gone from being a cynical, bitter, depressed, and anxious constant mortal sinner to (let’s see, 9 months now) mortal sin-free.

I did the Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance recommended by the SPCDC. Whether or not you have issues of demonization, those steps can help you to major conversion as they did me. (If you want to hear the whole story, it’s on my blog here.)

The very first step is to make up your mind to do it. Once you have the will to repent and begin taking steps to conversion, God sends a lot of grace to help you follow through.

By keeping vigilant in prayer, repentance and sacrifice.

Its a life long transformation that can only be achieved through the transforming grace give to us through Jesus Christ.

Don’t expect to achieve perfection overnight.

The bottom like is;

“God can not be grasped, except through love.” Author of the Cloud of Unknowing.


By frequent sacramental Confession — once a week, or more often if necessary. And every time you go to Confession, stir up in your soul a firm purpose of amendment — the determination that you will not commit that sin again, and some concrete ideas on what you will do to avoid it.

Every morning as soon as you wake up, make a specific resolution on how you will avoid that sin today. And do an examination of conscience at the end of each day to see how you have succeeded or failed in keeping that resolution.

Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, your guardian angel, and any patron saint(s) you have “adopted” to help you.

boggles I’m surprised I didn’t view this before, I love that site!
OK, question… I am an ex-New Age dabbler… for at least a decade. The bulk of my friends from those days are no longer in my life. They went their own ways. I pray for them. Only 2 remain. I’ve had to tell one not to talk to me about certain topics I don’t want to hear about anymore. He went to a friend’s funeral with me, he met another friend of mine who passed away (that was the same day of the first funeral). We used to be co-workers, that’s how we met. We used to spend so much more time together but I’m not the new age dabbler anymore.

Then there’s another, her husband is a Christian, not Catholic. And he’s one I used to tear down Catholicism with… told him I know I was so wrong in all of that. His wife is an old co-worker of mine. She did a lot for me in my own times of need. She’s still into wicca. I pray for her, her husband wants no part of it. I tried encouraging him before that it’s ok to put his foot down and say he doesn’t want this in the house… but she’ll leave him if he does. Again, I pray for them. There’s nothing between us other than friendship. It seems all I can do is keep praying for them too.

Am I giving the devil a crack to get to me in all of this? I’m not trying to break their marriage, have no interest in that. I care about both of them as friends.

And again fear I’m falling into gossip, I don’t know. I care about both of them as friends.

I’m listening to the article from the Padre Pio site and it just answered 2 questions that have been bugging me. Thank you Jesus. Keep praying, keep looking up to where my help comes from!

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