How do we use NFP when breastfeeding?


My wife and I have been practicing NFP since we married. However, due to breastfeeding the normal signals used to chart her cycle are completely haywire (with the other kids it was okay - not the last one). It is thus impossible for us to say with certainty where she is in her cycle. We have been to a NFP teacher for assistance but are still none the wiser. We know what the Churche’s teaching on artificial contraception is and certainly do not want to offend God. What is the Church’s teaching in this case and what are we to do as my wife will in all likelihood still be breastfeeding for another 6 months?

I thank you and pray all God’s blessing on you and your family.

If NFP is not reliable for any reason you may find the only moral method for regulating births to be abstinence. However, there are methods of breastfeeding through which the mother will generally experience an extended period of infertility. For more on this I recommend that you consult the Couple to Couple League.

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