How do women feel about chivalrious men?


This is a sensitive topic for many, but I just wanted to ask. Some women feel that such men are degrading them. That’s just some of the things I’ve felt that other women believe. So how do you feel about these type of men (if their “chivalry” be sincere)?


I hate to be the one to bring the bad news.
But chivalry is dead.

At least in my generation it is LOL.


Q: How do women feel about chivalrous men?
A: We need more of them! :smiley:


You misunderstand what is meant by “chivalry” here.:slight_smile:
It has more to do with character than knights and for the most part, physical appearance, etc. The term is used today to refer to such things and so I used it.


You certainly are a first…or one of them.:wink:


It depends on what your definition of chivalry might be. I personally love it when men are courteous and respectful of all women, older persons and those with infirmities. I extend the same courtesy back.

I live in Texas (and previously in Oklahoma) where you can tell a man who moved recently from “up North” or sometimes from California because he runs ahead of you and lets the door slam in your face. (This is just our Texas ladies at lunch theory.) The real Texans still run ahead to open the door or hold the elevator. They ask you if they can assist you with your large packages or your car trouble and give a little wave of thank you when you let them merge onto the highway, etc.

I have never seriously dated any man who was not considerate and courteous, so I know there are still plenty of them out there who are not my own relatives.

I think that the generation of women who were so radically obnoxious when a man tried to hold the door are heading into their 50s and 60s and out of the public spotlight so good riddance. I always thought that many of them were hypersensitive over little things that just didn’t matter with regards to gaining parity in salaries or hiring or educational opportunities. Now if someone calls me sweetie and pats my rear, well that is a whole different thing. Holding the door is not patronizing to me.


I agree with jc-servant. Chivalry is still alive around here. In fact in college I dated a guy who belonged to a group that was really big into chivalry. One of the things the guys being initiated into the group had to do was hold the door open for every woman they saw.

Like a number of other things it most likely just depends on where you live.


Oh I thought you were talking about like sir lance a lot hehehehehe.


Chivalry in the male of the species? I think it is wonderful and great blessing. I have not only been struck by chivalry in older males but in the most unlikely (appearance wise) of younger males and wherever I come across it, I make a point of complimenting and thanking them…


For me it depends what is behind the chivalry – if it is concern, the desire to be helpful – let’s have more of it and have more of it from women also.

One chivalry I have problems with is older rather frail men who insist on standing up on buses for people who are fitter than them. It gives me a real dilemma as I know the man will be offended if I or the other person refuses but they are risking injury if the bus stops suddenly.


I find it more degrading when a man lets a door slam in my face behind him. Unfortunately rudeness in general is the norm in our society. I don’t know what it would take to bring back courtesy, respect, and chivalry for that matter.

As a teacher, I get a bird’s eye view of the increasing level of disrespect among our youth as each year passes. I can try to teach basic manners, but I can’t undo in an hour a day what was learned in 13 years at home. I suppose our society’s selfishness is another symptom of the root problem - destruction of the family.


Yes, I think most women like it. I do. I’m not going to lie, I think it’s romantic and I pretty much melt when a guy goes out of his way somehow to please me. It’s just nice. But I don’t expect it anymore, since it is so rare.



You really misunderstood.:smiley:


I would absolutely love to see a return to chivalry in men. :love: I think one of the reasons real romance is so scarce nowadays is that chivalry has all but disappeared (thank you, feminists). To me there is nothing more romantic than an emotionally strong man treating a woman like a lady.

And while the Western world is loath to admit it, I believe most women work the same way.


It seems that most of the women on here look at chivalry in a positive manner. Perhaps I had the wrong conception. Jc-servant, you speak of women that are in their 50s and 60s that would be unkindly to chivalry. Could you evaluate more on this?


Well I guess I’m kinda shy. I always feel nervous to do such a thing because of fear that a woman might say, “I can do it myself.” Chivalry really does stress respect for women, so I suppose it would be a good thing.


And your username…


I didn’t know that there was such a positive reception towards chivalry. Maybe I might do it more. :smiley:


It’s interesting you speak of the family. I think today, the mindset is that children are a burden rather than a blessing. Consequently, you come up with families with no children. But is that *really *a family?


You sound so pessimistic.:o
Did the feminists really do that much damage?

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