How do you avoid getting down about the atrocities in the world?


Certain violations of human rights that I witness (in the news) really can get me angry/upset/sick, etc.

What is a good way to avoid feeling so down or despairing about the bad news of the world?


That is a great question. I too have been upset over the atrocities and wrongs of the world, and I have found peace. What i did was turn over my entire life to Jesus, I gave everything to Him and told him that every thing tht happens to me frm now on whether its good or bad, tht i would consider it Gods will. I know that i cant change the outcome of world events, but I can trust in Jesus. I know that in the end, Jesus wins, and triumphs over evil. I look at the events as the devil winning a battle, but knowing that he has already lost the war.

Trust in Jesus. Give yourself to Him completely, and let His will be done.You dont have to give up and do nothing, thats not the right thing to do, but whatever happens, know that Jesus is in charge, and it will end up the way He wants it.
Thats what kept me sane during the presidential race.

I saw a great sign on a protestant church sign that said" If Jesus is your co-pilot, then you need to change seats" what a true statement that is. His will be done, and I will accept it.


For this very reason I will not watch the news for days at a time. I have found out that I don’t have to know everything, and believe it or not I am still breathing. The news is just about the same everyday, the names and cities may change but the news is the same. Try turning the set off and…:gopray2:


[size=2]Yes, the world is the same, we are called to a new life in Christ. In silence and love God speaks over the hiss of evil.
And, I see we are both members to the Carthusian group. :slight_smile:


I used to get quite down about things happening in the world so now I rarely watch the news. I hardly buy the newspaper. I have great Faith and Hope God will fix things up when the time is right. Regularly I throw up petitions/requests to God and place pretty much everything into his hands and get on with my life and wait for Christ to return.


I can only handle it by helping people in the little ways I can,
and by praying for them as below
Mercy for the suffering world

Heavenly Father, please send Your Holy Spirit amongst us for the healing and conversion of this world.

Father, please overcome the agendas of the humanists and leaders who seek systematically to eradicate the teachings and love of Jesus from our societies, replacing Christian festivals with pagan symbols, and banishing Him from public life and schools, from families and societies.

Defeat the lobbying that brings about laws that allow the destruction of multi-millions of your children in the intended safety of their mothers’ wombs. Please empower Your people to strive for the overturning of such laws; and all laws which sin against Your Commandments and gospel teaching.

Please inspire the people of this world with the sanctity of marriage, and unselfishness in relationship. Please eradicate the harm to perceptions of love as promote by all forms of media, as disposable when challenges wear off the gloss of initial attraction.

Father, have mercy on all sufferers in our world, all victims of natural disasters; victims of war; and victims of unjust distribution of wealth and resources.

Reach out through your people to the hungry, to the poorly clad, to the homeless, to those without education, employment or self-respect, to the ill and the handicapped, and to all those in need.

Reach out with the voice, the example and the love of Your people, to feed the spiritually poor and lead them to Your Son, sharing with them the riches of faith, Sacrament, and eternal life.

Heavenly Father, please restore our conscience regarding this world’s resources, as excessive exploitation of natural resources has resulted in decline of animal species, climatic change and proliferation of natural disasters. These consequences threaten the welfare of our planet and its inhabitants.

Father, in Jesus’ name, please restore Your creation; and spread the gospel of Jesus throughout the world.


And such as below
Reveal the needy
Jesus, inspire us with gospel love for others. Knowing that each person is Your beloved, we ask that You reveal those who are in need amongst us.

Alert us to those who feel unable to request help or cannot believe in its availability.

Alert us to those whose poverty or anxieties make life seem endless struggle.

Alert us to the lonely, unwanted and forgotten ones, anyone whose self-worth desperately needs affirmation.

Bring before us those who suffer disappointment, tragedy, or upheaval, and who need others’ support until they rethink their lives and attitudes.

Alert us to those who are scarred or crushed by sins or guilt, so that through us You may express Your forgiveness, love and acceptance of them, and encourage their reconciliation.

Search out to us those who are in danger of losing their faith if no one shows them Christian love and witness.

Reveal to us anyone whose ability to persevere hangs on another’s kindness, inspiration or friendship.

**Alert those amongst us who would willingly serve if they become aware of another’s pain and need. Lead us to share our gifts with others with wisdom, cheerfulness, humility, gentleness and strength. In our dealings with others, let us bring living Christ.

Let those who are incapacitated or suffering offer their difficulties and joys to intercede for love and justice in our community and in our world. Let these blessed-deprived ones, along with all who are prayerful, unite their offering with the service of the prayerfully active, to bring Your kingdom of love amongst us.

Thank You for all healing and compassion that You activate in our hearts for others. We pray to act upon this compassion to assist each other in appropriate and valuable ways**


Personally, and I know some brothers and sisters in CAF disagree with me, I am so used to seeing atrocities in this world that they don’t get me down any more.
Mainly because I have had the fortune of reading a lot about the apparitions of Jesus and Mary in our contemporary world and they say God the Father is about to put an end to them, in a catastrophic way.
I don’t know if I shall ever asee the “new” world.
But I have read the Bible.
I know we humans have always been bad, although maybe rarely like today.
If you read the Bible you will know it is just the ordinary state of affairs in the world: that the human race is wicked-
I am happy I have seen that.
I am happy I have admitted what the Lord said: that we are evil.
I may have never been in a World War or may have never personally seen what happened in a concentration camp.
But I see evil around me every single day.
My reaction is to try and add my little grain of good.
This may sound like pride but it is not.
Every time I do some good I can prove to myself that it is possible to have goodness in the world.
Actually, when I went to India and lived there in 1988-1992 I went for various reasons: one of them was that I had heard that Hindus were very religious and I expected to find at last the proof that God-fearing people can have a righteous society.
Instead I found the most corrupt, the must unjust, the most immoral people I had ever met in my life.
It is not God’s fault.
It is just that we humans are hard-headed and ignorant.
We seem to be unable to do without the benefits of lying and cheating and exploiting our brothers.
God comes to earth and we kill Him.
I’ve seen so much wrong in my life I’m used to it.
Evil is just the “milieu” in which we are condemned to live.
I got used to it.
I learnt the lesson.
I take the rap and I obey God’s will, hoping to earn Heaven, the only place in which I will finally be safe from the human race.


Thank you for all of the responses.

This will sound rude but isn’t meant to:

if I avoid the news and newspaper, isn’t that like sticking my head in the sand??


Is that a bad thing? Who will accuse you of that, and why would you care? I would tell the person who said that, that i prefer to trust Jesus instead of the news media.
But at this point in my life, I dont get wrapped up in what people say.



Well, I have plenty of friends who have no clue whatsoever what is in the news simply because they could care less, not because they find it too painful.

I guess it all depends on why you do it. You know there is suffering in the world and that we need to do what we can to help, if you just don’t want to feel sad about it all the time, I don’t really see anything wrong with that.


I am sorry if my interpretation is not correct, but does this not mean to refuse to do something when one can, not refuse to know of things that one does not have the ability to change? Should God will that I should know, it does not matter how far I stick my head in the sand, I have no doubt I‘ll know.

This way my mind will not be cluttered with things that may hinder my discernment.


But I Benedict have seen, and do see, so much good in so many people, God’s indwelling Spirit.


Round here I only see people shopping and ignoring beggars


Yes, I think it’s a bad thing to stick your head in the sand. No one said that, just me. I would feel like I don’t want to “inconvenience” myself with the everyone else’s problems so I’ll just stick to my own world where I can’t be bothered. That’s how it would feel to me. And, of course we trust Jesus first, but we also rely on the resources of others for information. Like, you wouldn’t withhold your child from school because you “trust Jesus instead.” You LEARN.


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