How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

And is it a sin to have a large meal?

Why would it be a sin to have a large meal? The meal is a feast. That doesn’t mean you must eat everything in site to the point of making yourself sick.

The celebration depends on what is going on. This year we’ll go to Mass, join friends for a movie and dinner out and then stop by at another’s home for dessert and coffee.

We will start the day with Mass then come home to watch our local kids in the Wyoming All State Marching Band in the Macy’s parade. We’ll gather at my sister’s house later in the day to share a meal and time together.

You ask about sin and excess and I think that is a very good question. Gluttony comes in many forms. I worry about the excess of shopping on Black Friday as well. In the Screwtape Letters CS Lewis cautions that even a small amount consumed could be gluttonous if the person is so particular about the details. Gluttony takes the focus off of what is needed and replaces it with desire when the only desire we should have is for a closer relationship with our Lord. If earthly passions of any kind override that, there is a problem. If we keep the focus of this day on our thankfulness to God from whom all the blessings in our life come, I think we have a much richer Thanksgiving.

Peace and God bless.

No, it is not a sin to have a large meal, but if you feel you are being gluttonous, you can fast from something you enjoy and offer your sacrifice for the souls in Purgatory. Or help out at a homeless shelter sometime this week.

We have a quiet day spent with our sons who are home from college for the weekend. This year we are not roasting a turkey but having brisket and sausage, cole slaw and BBQ beans, which is what Texans would have enshrined as the traditional Thanksgiving feast had they been the original settlers.


I do not ever shop on “Black Friday.” Never, ever, ever. Not for any reason. If it was the only day I could shop for Christmas, there wouldn’t be any Christmas presents.

I’m going to Mass in about 30 mins. I been invited to several friend’s homes for dinner. Fortunately, one is at lunch time and the other is this evening.

For over 30 years I’ve made it my personal rule to not shop at all on a holiday. I’m going to have to break that rule after Mass today. I had one of my rescue dogs spayed Tuesday. She is now licking the incision site and won’t stop. I have to go to Petsmart to buy her an e-collar…aka a cone of shame. I hate to have to go today, but I can’t have her incision get infected or allow her to chew her sutures.

Have a blessed day everyone.

If I were an American citizen I wouldn’t celebrate Black Friday either. I know many retail stores and shopping centers across Canada are getting in on this huge secular “Rub Off” Hullabalou about Black Friday.
Good Grief:rolleyes: My beloved sister-in-law is an American living in Canada in my city.
Originally; she’s from the Boston area, Salem, Mass. to be exact.
She celebrates both the Canadian and American Thanksgiving observances.

If one looks at the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day its not difficult to see how the secular world of hussle and bussle tries to unsurp the true meaning of Thankgiving much in a similar manner as the world tries to steal the meaning of Christmas even if Thanksgiving Day isn’t a Catholic religious observance.

For me Thankgiving Day is all about Thanking God for His Blessed Bountiful Harvest, Our Families, Friends, and having sincere concern for the Poor.:shrug:


P.S. Hope your Thanksgiving is a Happy Peaceful one.

Dear St. Francis, please intercede for this creature, because you loved all of God’s furry and winged creatures so much in your earthly life!


It’s my LOs first Thanksgiving! :smiley:

We’re heading out soon to have Thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s house with my sister and my BIL (and their LO to be!)

My parents have been doing Thanksgiving dinner for 30 years now and we’re starting a whole new generation.

I love starting the day with going to our parish Thanksgiving Mass.

People are asked to bring a bag of groceries to Mass and before the presentation of bread and wine, parishoners are asked to bring their bags up front and present them to the pastor. The bags are gathered at the foot of the sanctuary. For me, this is always a powerful image.

At the conclusion of Mass, large loaves of bread are brought out. Each year for over 30 years a local baker (who is also a parishoner) donates loaves to be given out to each family. The loaves and the groceries for the soup kitchen are blessed by the pastor. Then each family goes up to receive their loaf to use at their Thanksgiving dinner table.

An added bonus was that on the way out of church each person was given a Thanksgiving prayer card.

For the rest of the day? When the children and grandchildren are here (they live a 1000 miles away), we have the fullblown feast. This year, a year where they are not home we will be going out to a restaurant. Not my favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving but we are being taken out by a family member to thank us for bringing meals to her when she was having medical issues. Oh, and we’ll see the grandchildren on Skype tonight.

And tonight?? The Patriots!!!

Went to The Bilingual Mass for Thanksgiving at my parish last evening ( No mass Today). Then in about ten Minutes we are leaving to go to my aunts house for Thanksgiving with family , then just planning on relaxing this evening. I do not shop on Black Friday, Regular 9 am mass in the Morning then I have to work. As I am in RCIA now I am Really Thankful for the many blessings in my life, especially God and His Church. I am glad to be home :).

Working today, the surgeries don’t take a holiday. That’s ok though, cause after 28 years of nursing, it goes with the territory. I love my job and making the patient’s feel better makes me feel better. Tomorrow I’ll have some turkey, i never shop on black Fri. Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you so much. I was looking at the statue of St Francis this morning before Mass and thinking about how much he loved animals. This special girl was dumped and if I didn’t take her she was on her way to a kill shelter. I have 3 dogs that either came from the kill shelter or were on there way there. I’m sure St Francis watches over my house. On Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the love these precious animals give to me. They may even get a piece of turkey. :wink:

God bless you in your profession!!! I used to work the holidays too, when I was young and single, so that people with families could be with them. It wasn’t a problem for me and I got extra pay or sick days to compensate.

Blessings to all your patients too!

These past two years have been the first time I’ve had Thanksgiving off for as long as I can remember. I can sleep in a bit, watch the Macy’s parade and enjoy dinner without feeling rushed.

I worked as a Paramedic and before that an EMT for almost a decade. I usually worked the holidays because I was single with no kiddos and it was easier for me to work as opposed to the guys who were married with kids.

Before that I was either cheering for the big football game or performing in the parade. I lived in Plymouth, Ma…Thanksgiving was a huge, huge deal there.

Bless you! I’ll say a prayer for you and your patients. Thank-you for your hard work!

It’s just me and my mom, and the cat. Went to Mass today while my mom was still asleep, and i’ve got some dishes soaking in the kitchen for later. We won’t be having a turkey either, i’m gonna be fixing some au gratin potatoes, stuffing, and a pumpkin pie.
Was gonna get a squash too, but i didn’t have enough money with me, and i had enough to carry on my bike already.

I figure as long as you keep it within reason and don’t try to close down a Sizzler single handed, i don’t see it being an issue. :slight_smile:

No Black Friday for me either. It’s not worth it.

It’s all perspective. In his homily our pastor spoke of how to give Thanks in perspective. He said if you woke up this morning, can walk, have a roof over your head, food on your table, food in your refrigerator, and any money in the bank or in your wallet, you are in a better state than most of the people in this world.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

No, it isn’t a sin to have a big meal. It is a celebration, just don’t make a habit of having lavish meals.

Unfortunately, my husband has to work today (military), but he gets Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, so we are celebrating tomorrow. We can’t spend time with the family, since we can’t afford to fly out to see them. The two of us will be cooking together tomorrow and sharing a meal together. We are cooking ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, and sweet potato pie. It will be a nice day.

A nice big dinner with the family and friends (we always have guests) then just talking and enjoying each other’s company. We also watch football afterwards.

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