How do you confess a sin you'll commit again?

I want to confess my sins to God, but I know that I cannot truly ask for forgiveness of my sin of being married to a man who is not my original husband I married in the Church. Can part of my sins be forgiven or do I need to confess all of my sins with the the commitment to never commit any of them again? I don’t think I can truthfullly say that I will never make love to my second husband, although I want to be in God’s good graces and worthy of his love.

If your marriage to your second husband is recognized by the Church (i.e., you have an annulment for your first marriage and followed Catholic marital law in marrying your current husband), then you have not sinned and need not worry about confessing in this area of your life.

If you have remarried without an annulment from the Church, then I must try to gently inform you that you are in an ongoing state of adultery. Until your marital status is regularized, or unless you agree to live with your legal husband as brother and sister until your marriage is regularized, you cannot go to confession and cannot receive Communion. All confessions must be complete, and the penitent cannot deliberately omit any known mortal sin (such as adultery). If the penitent does purposely make a confession he knows to be incomplete, he has committed the additional mortal sin of sacrilege against a sacrament of the Church.

If you truly wish to be in friendship with God, then you must place your relationship with God as first in your life and rightly order your other relationships around God, his Church, and the commandments God gives us through his Church (cf. John 14:15).

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