How do you deal with bouts of scrupulosity?


As someone who’s in and out of the scrupulosity’s prison, I am always searching for ways to deal with situations in which I panic over something.

Let me share with you the latest episode I went though, just to give you an idea of where I’m coming from:

This morning, I went to Mass. While receiving the blood of Christ, the “top” rim of the chalice touched my forehead , and while I was walking back to where I was seated, I began to wonder if there had been any drops of blood on that side which then made contact with my forehead. I didn’t feel any liquid, just the metal of the chalice. The agony of not knowing exactly what happened brings about pain I can only describe as excruciating.

I am not asking you for re-assurance here. Here’s my question: how do you deal with situations in which you “freak out” about certain things, as it were? I could use some tips, as I, quite frankly, am sick and tired of this. It’s gone on for way too long and has done a number on my spiritual and mental health. I’m 19 years old and I do not want this to be something that persists for a lifetime.

My thanks for your suggestions.

  1. Find one Priest you trust and always go to them for Confession and advice. Do not question what they tell you, and obey any instructions they give you.

  2. Never go reassurance seeking, especially here (Good on you for not doing that here)

  3. read about scrupulosity and how the Church deals with the problem. The Church was hundreds of years ahead of the secular world in finding treatments for a form of OCD—Scrupulosity. Finding a Confessor who understands scrupulosity and will not tolerate it is important. It is not only a mental illness, but a spiritual illness as well and must be fought.

  4. There are plenty of resources out there. There is a book called “Understanding Scrupulosity” by Fr. Thomas M. Santa C.Ss.R. and a resource called Scrupulous Anonymous

  5. Read this essay, one of the best on Scrupulosity I have ever read:

  6. Know you are not alone, that others suffer from the same problem (including myself).

  7. God loves you and has infinite mercy. Never forget that.


You need to get into therapy. This is not a do it yourself operation.


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