How do you deal with opposing views on contraception in marriage?

As this is one of the moral issues that has fallen almost exclusively on the shoulders of the Catholic Church in Western society, I’m wondering how couples deal with this issue if it comes up, since it seems a great deal of raised Catholic aren’t orthodox on this in addition to almost all protestants already abandoning the issue. I’m budding in the Catholic faith and this seems to be the final nail on the coffin on the whole marital business; if she’s not orthodox Catholic, then I won’t be interested. Too many minefields to navigate.

But what if you’re already married or if a couple is entering into a marriage with mixed denominations. If the wife insists on using contraception but the husband is morally opposed, or vice versa, then how do you cope with it? Is it sinful for the both of them to engage in the marital act or just the one that chooses to use the contraceptive?

My understanding is that the noncontracepting spouse is to try to persuade the other, but is not personally responsible for their behavior.

Already married and considering marriage are not the same thing. One would be called called to refrain from marrying a person who plans to contracept.

One who is already married would need to obtain guidance from their confessor, per Vademecum For Confessors.

The innocent spouse should seek moral counsel from their confessor.

See the aforementioned Vademecum For Confessors.

Waking up one day and realizing you are unequally yoked to your spouse is never good. I feel bad for folks in this situation.

You could try to convince your spouse to take a close look at NFP. Try googling “nfp as effective as birth control” - done right, it really is just as effective. The catch is that there are, of course, limitations as to when you can have sex, but she still might find it a reasonable compromise.

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