How do you defend against their "final defense"?


Oftentimes when an anti-Catholic is cornered with historical facts supporting the Catholic Church, their “final defense” is the statement “History is written by the victors”.

When that statement is thrown out, it puts all the historical facts you’ve put out in a negative light since everything you might have presented might have been spun by the supposed “victors”, the Catholic Church. What can be said to counter this?


Looks to me like the last ditch parting shot of someone who knows that everyone who doesn’t agree with him is wrong regardless of the facts.

Actually, this is known as “raising the bar”.

After one has proved one’s case the opponent then simply says, “It is not enough.”

Best answer…walk away and pray for them.


Don’t be so quick to think you haven’t made an impact on them.

They may have a wall up against your arguments right now, but maybe one day down the road, things you say will start pouring back.

Remember, we can’t force them to convert. If they are not ready, then they will not convert no matter how much they know the Catholic Church is right.

Just plant the seed.


I would reply that this person has denied that truth can actually be known, which means that the person cannot in fact be a Christian. At that point you will no longer be on the defensive. :slight_smile:


I often send them to the Orthodox for research. The Orthodox share 99% of our beliefs, yet are staunchly non, if not anti- Roman. How is it they have retained these beliefs for 2000 years? They cannot, in any manner, be considered “victors” having been decimated by the Muslims and then later overtrumped by the Latin Lung.


The victors may write history but this does not mean that the losers will not concoct idealistic fantasies in service to their cause.


Another point to make is that, clearly, in the English-speaking world it is the Protestants who are the “victors” - just look at who founded America. So all Christian history written by English-speaking authors must therefore be rejected as biased.


Pray for your friend. Right now he is just putting up defenses because he does not know what else to do. Keep him in your prayers. Faith, true faith is a gift. Pray that he gets it and that the veil is removed from his eyes and mind.
Deacon Ed B


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