How do you defend the existence and goodness of God in these types of situations?

If it was that good, it sure didn’t come out of my loseriffic mind. Thank you Holy Spirit!


I have to tell you, it was so good that it made the cut for the QG cut n’ paste edition of CAF. I cut and paste things into a little notebook I keep that I find to be excellent.

I really like what you wrote. So thank you for that.

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The extreme things don’t come from God. But tge Enemy. And no, under the modernist God equals Love paradigm you can explain very little. God is God. God is patient because at the size of His Majesty many of our thoughts and actions are pure blasphemy. If God was a man, like us, He would’ve ended the world long before these days this is how much He has to bear.
We have to become truly little in order to understand God and why it is such a big deal to do certain things that He told us not to do (see Bible).
Why would an omnipotent Being not dismantle you for denying His existence, using your body which He gave to do forbidden things, maybe even using your soul to do forbidden things. Everyone is a victim when they suffer. I got mad at God because bad things started happening to me as I was getting more interested on coming back to my own faith.
But eventually I just let it go and realized it wasn’t as big as the end, as bad as it was, and most likely the source was the Enemy who wanted me to stumble and blame God (which I did).
In cases of trauma I think we have to leave pinkish Christianity and go back to the Church Fathers and the Bible and explain the dichotomy of the world being first inhabitted by demons and then by men and why the demons are unforgivable with our blasphemies even as they tempt us with them. Like some mean police who tricks criminals into more crime to get a bigger punishment.
So there is not much to defend because God is omnipotent it is oggensive to even think any accusation against Him could possibly have any effect, He did not defend Himself on the Cross and still He was innocent - this is how bad we are. Without using God as Authority, Christ as Judge, the Enemy as tempter, there is not much left to say. I would explain that, as I was explained that, and then let HIM show the said persons His love. Which is there. But is visible to us if we don’t accuse Him because - dude, He’s God!!!

Man’s inhumanity to man isn’t an indictment against God.

It’s an indictment against Man.


Jesus was mocked and horribly tortured before he died in a bloodbath on display for all including a His mother to watch; all the apostles except St John were horribly killed, skinned alive, burned alive, chopped up, crushed to death; early Christians were persecuted, families fed and eaten alive by wild beasts or used as human torches for entertainment. Understand that this world belongs to Satan, but it is the light of God that shines through the souls of those who follow the path forged by Jesus Christ for us to follow, a path that always involves the cross.

That the human soul is made in the image and likeness of God means that it is eternal and will exist forever. Thus this brief time on earth is a period of transition which gives a soul the means to gain merit in the Kingdom of God. In the end, the soul of each human being will usher into either the Kingdom of God, or the kingdom of Satan —depending on how one lives their life on earth.

The path that leads to God always involves some sort of suffering which is part of the process of sanctification; and sometimes it takes a great suffering in order for some souls to turn to God. The real question is why does God permit suffering? Suffering is the consequence of Original Sin, yet God brings good out of the suffering when we follow Christ.

Look up at the sky at night. The earth is a tiny piece if dust compared to the hundreds of billions of galaxies which make up the cosmos. The purpose of the earth is to act as a womb, as a place to harvest souls who will inherit the eternal infinite Kingdom of God; thus Jesus’ death and resurrection are a preview of what awaits those who love God: One needs a spiritualized glorified body in order to experience the kingdom that God has prepared for those who love a Him. Thus the Church teaches that one of the Four Qualities of the risen glorified body is Agility—as Aquinas explained, the glorified body will obey the soul with the greatest ease as our Resurrected Lord’s ability to bilocate and travel great distances in an instant with the speed of thought. Even the worst suffering will be forgotten the instant one enters heaven. This video touches on that:

And for 300 years. Martyrdom is the seed of Christianity.

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