How do you determine God's will as you go through the day?

Good evening, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s evening where I am.

I try to include God in every thing I do. In 1 Thessalonians 5 the Bible says we should pray always, so previously say last week I used to say “Let thy will be done, Lord" and just do whatever I find myself doing after I’ve said the prayer. I started this last year and things went well for me. Actually, what I used to say was “Have your way, Lord" or “Here I am Lord. I come to do Your will." I never found myself doing anything I should not have been doing. However, just last week I found myself doing something that I shouldn’t have been doing. I was scrolling through Facebook and I didn’t even know what I was looking for. It was at night say 10:30. I eventually saw something of importance. It was about a website where tutors and students meet. I read the Terms and Conditions. I found a problem with a website there. So I found myself scrolling through (browsing) Facebook again. I had to stop and pray because I knew I should be charging my phone and sleeping. So I did pray. I can’t remember what I said but I know I prayed about what was happening. My hands moved to my phone and I found myself still scrolling through my Facebook feed. I’m sorry my post is this long. Please bear with me. My mom eventually caught me with the phone. She demanded to have it saying I should have been asleep because it was late.

Have you had a similar experience after saying a prayer like “Thy will be done, Lord”?

Oh, sure–about a million times! The question of your post is a good one, and I think we all need to beg Our Lord to show us His will each day, and then we have to trust that He will do so even as we go about our duties and restful times. Obviously, His will is nothing sinful. But in the case you describe it sounds like you have some rules given you by your Mom that you are aware of (to go to bed by a certain time?) and if you live with your parents and there are such rules or expectations (that are not sinful) God’s will is that you obey them. Sounds like a minor matter to me, but next time you might consciously avoid anything you think your mom will yell at you about :slight_smile:

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