How do you devote yourself to a Saint?


The Lord introduced me to Saint Joseph, I have been praying to him and recently started the Holy Cloak novena. I want to become a better husband each day, a great father one day and be very family orientated. I think St. Joseph is a great patron for that. He is also a great counselor and guider and the Lord listens to him and answers always. I would like to know how more I can become a servant and devotee to St. Joseph, more than just prayers and novenas.


I posted a similar thread.

Learning to love St. Joseph


Perhaps if you wore a St. Joseph medal (a holy reminder)… it would help you develop a deeper devotion to St. Joseph.

Here is a nice one, from EWTN Religious Catalogue. Looks like it could be for either a man or a woman. Comes with a booklet.

God bless.


Yes I’d reccomend wearing a holy medal.



Great choice! I was drawn to Saint Joseph for a number of reasons. Mainly regarding my attitude towards work and its relationship to serving the Lord. I was also released form prison on his feast day after a few changes to my release date, I like to think it wasn’t by chance.

Develop your own rituals and devotions to honor Saint Joseph. They could be based on liturgy or church tradition, or they could be something of your creative devising, as often as you feel compelled. Since you identify particular with the Holy Family aspect of your patron, make your memorial centered around that aspect. Put a statue of him on the dinner table at meals where the whole family is present or something. Make a pilgrimage somewhere that he as a statue or shrine on Father’s Day. Whatever you feel compelled to do that honors his role.


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