How do you eat the Eucharist?

What I do is I let it sit in my mouth as I walk back to the pew. Then once at the pew I let it soften up a little bit more and then I fold it in half with my tongue. Sometimes I my bite it a little bit but I usually swallow it whole when I fold it in half.

How do you eat the Eucharist?

I’ve never really thought about it.

Here’s a recent discussion on the topic. It was closed.

Interesting question, I think that you are supposed to consume it before returning to your seat. Maybe one of the canon law experts can chime in on that.

Oh, really? I like swallowing it whole, because it’s the body of Christ so you know… and it does not soften up to the point I want it until a few seconds after returning to my seat.

I thought it was a requirement to eat it immediately up front (at least a couple chews) to protect it from someone that might receive (even on the tongue) and then take it out and pocket it for some illicit purpose.


When I receive Communion at my Episcopal church, I let it sit in my mouth for a few moments, then swallow after it is soft. I always practice intinction.

I chew the host as I walk back to the pew. Because Jesus said his body is true food.

It melts in my mouth. Then I swallow it.

I immediately break it with my tongue to help it dissolve faster. Then I chew a couple times and swallow.

I chew it.

Hi Potter, I don’t believe your communion is valid as proclaimed by the Catholic Church.

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