How do you explain Noah's Flood and the Last plague to a non-believer?

How do you explain Noah’s Flood and the Last plague ( 10th plague) to a non-believer?

Was God angry and revengeful to cause the flood and kill the First-born children?

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Explain that God is Just and that it is not our job to question but to accept.

Tell your friend God’s understanding of justice is better than ours and that the gap between his and God’s understanding of this justice is comparable to the gap between a newborn babies understanding of the justice in prison service and an adults.

lol, … they had it coming , lol.

This will explain something about the reality of a great flood.

That the first born of both man and beast suffered death did not target babies specifically, since it was all first born no matter how old they might be. So a grandfather would suffer his 60 year old son’s death, and the 60 year old would suffer his 40 year old son’s death, and the 40 year old would suffer his 20 year old son’s death, and the 20 year old would suffer his 1 year son’s death. And the same for the cattle and sheep and dogs and chickens and pigs and … and … and … Pretty bad.

And what is the answer to so many deaths? Pharoh’s stubbornness because he had been warned. And in case of the flood, they laughed at Noah and thought him a fool even tho Noah warned them too.

So the answer is why is it that no one believes God or his messengers? And it was the same with the Pharisees in the time of Jesus who didn’t believe Jesus either. Their town of Jerusalem fell to the Romans and was destroyed around 70 AD, which Jesus had prophesied would fall.

And anyone else that doesn’t listen can’t say they haven’t been warned. For the bible was given to us to teach us the truth for those who listen.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Nice explanation, but the person could argue that God could have done something non-violent or along those lines? How would you counter that?

He does that in our lives all the time…does it get our attention?

Frist point out that we were not there for either.

We have not experienced how bad it got, I have heard that people were murdering their own children for false gods. Maybe, someone can document this. Maybe if mankind were to be allowed to keep going on the way they were, then no one would come to God in repentance.

Concerning the first born, it had to do with taking out the next king in line for the throne. Maybe that person was as stubborn as his father. Also, this plague was God’s 2x4 to get the king’s attention.

While there are many good answers to these questions, for a non-believer you should focus on what the Bible is about. Christ. The central theme of the entire Bible is Jesus Christ. Examine His life, examine His death, examine the historicity of His Resurrection. Once you have this starting point, then you can move onto these other side-issues.

Hi namer0331,

An excellent question! Remember that bodily death is not the end, so God merely called home those who died from the flood or 10th plague.

It would be very unjust for a person to go around killing firstborns, but not God. God created everything from nothing. Everything is because of Him. Therefore it is not unjust for God to call home firstborns to Himself. He knows far better than us what is best for His creation.

Remember that an omniscient, omnipotent being that is perfectly benevolent is bound to do things that would puzzle us. We’re not omniscient so we cannot perfectly comprehend all of God’s actions.

Hope that helps!

Well in the case of Pharoah he did do something non violent in 9 cases of the plagues before the 10th plague.

In the case of the flood, Noah did warn the people and they laughed at him and made jokes about his ark. But there weren’t miracles to impress anyone to change before the flood came. And I think it was because they were stuck in their thinking. So even if Noah had done some miracle, they would explain the miracle away, just as the miracles of Fatima have been explained away by those who don’t wish to believe. Even Jesus performed miracles everywhere he went and all kinds of them, and yet the pharasees wanted a sign. So it wasn’t that the pharasees didn’t see signs, they just didn’t wish to accept him for any reason, sign or not.

Or another illustration is the story about Lazarus and rich man. The rich man saw Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham and asked that the rich man’s relatives be sent someone so that they wouldn’t go to the same unfortunate place that they were in. And the answer was that if they hadn’t believed Moses nor the prophets then they wouldn’t believe anyone else either who was sent to them from the next world.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Noah’s flood is the third creation account.

There are five creation accounts in the Bible. Noah and the flood is the third.


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