How do you feel about a Vatican, Roman Catholic Olympic Team?

With all of the different athletes and coaches who have been training in and for other countries and competing for countries different from their own in these most recent winter Olympics, why doesn’t the Roman Catholic, City State put together an Olympic team made up of Catholic athletes?

After all, watching these recent winter Olympic Games (2014), it appears that there have been many who have changed sides.

Is there any IOC rule prohibiting an application from the Vatican state? After seeing so many Americans training athletes from other countries… inside the United States and having learned about the number of foreign athletes who trained in the US, and competed for another country… and after all of these apparent sports defections, what would be wrong with a Vatican team?

What do Catholics think about this?


How would non-Catholics feel about a Vatican, “Team Catholic” competing in the Olympics?

You would have to be careful because if you have team Catholic, it is only going to open the doors for other teams such as team Hindu, team Muslim etc.

In some respects it would be a great way to evangelize and in others it could be seen as a big kettle of fish. I would be interested in learning what others have to say about it but I think at least at this time, this is an area, that it is best for Catholics to keep a low profile. Only God knows how many Catholics and other christians who are participating in the Olympics and it is probably best this way.

Sports is one of the few areas where all religions can come together and participate without having to enter into a religious debate.

Maybe, however, Israel is a Jewish state and they have an Olympic team and there does already exist Muslim countries who compete and so on… what’s wrong with a Vatican team, made up of Catholics? Maybe on their uniforms the athletes could wear the papal colors on one shoulder and their country of origin on the other… right? We also have the Swiss Guard working at the Vatican… I’m just saying…

I wonder who they would draw from? Could they recruit from the Swiss Guard?:smiley:

Well, it’s an idea. :smiley:

But I wonder about the regulations about citizenship involved in Olympics competitions.

I can’t see them doing the hurdles in those uniforms!

They WOULD look pretty snazzy throwing JAVELINS in those uniforms. :yyeess:

There are a lot of Catholics worldwide.
I guess this thought came to me out of the frustration I’ve experienced watching that last couple of Olympics. It just seems like it’s more about the individual now than about the country they are from. I don’t think US coaches should train our competition or vice versa. They shouldn’t be involved at all with opposing teams. For example, I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the US and Canadian figure skating teams practiced at the same location in the US and that they have the same coach. What’s the point, if you are going to start doing things like this? It also appears that whoever “ponies up” the most money gets the best coaches and equipment and it doesn’t matter who the team or country is. They are like “soldier of fortune” coaches. When did the IOC start saying that was OK? Finally, and this is a little off topic… but when did getting 2nd and 3rd place become exciting?


Is this where those that are last come first? And those that seek to go higher up the medals table are sent lower?

maybe :rolleyes:

It could also be about finishing the race and fighting the good fight. :smiley:

I think the Vatican has enough to worry about. I don’t see it’s role as engaged in Olympic sports, but that’s just my opinion.

Competing with Muslims???
It’ll be like the Crusades all over again.
And of course somebody would cheat,
then all Hell would break loose.

And it would be paid for by?

I rather like the idea of competitors training together and sharing the same coaches. It takes the emphasis away from nationalism and puts it on the quest for personal excellence.

Perhaps Catholic athletes from all countries could show their religious affiliation by the way they live their lives and accepting victory and defeat with grace and dignity while acknowledging their relationship with God.

I have seen some of the athletes make the sign of the cross before they begin their competing. These are clearly Catholics in action! I enjoy seeing those from various countries expressing their Catholic faith. We are the one, holy Catholic and universal church, after all.

Yes, there is Kim Yuna.

Sharing the Rosary, and praying publicly before she steps onto the ice, are just some of the things that South Korea’s Yuna Kim does to witness to the faith.

And Rebecca Dussault.

Olympic cross-country skier Rebecca Dussault recently spoke to a large crowd of young adults in Denver, exhorting them to put their Catholic faith above everything else in life.

You might make some headway evangelizing in the Southern USA (buckle of the Bible belt) if the Vatican campaigned a NASCAR race car. :slight_smile:

Pope Francis could coach the soccer team!

The Olympic Charter requires athletes who represent a nation in the Olympic Games be citizens thereof. Simply being a Catholic athlete is not sufficient to play for the Vatican City State team.

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