How do you feel about death? Do you have fears?

I basically welcome death with open arms! It actually calms me to think about my death.

I’m afraid only of a painful death, and of the emotional pain it might cause family. Otherwise, I’m not afraid of it, I just need to remember to be prepared for it.

Like the last poster, a painful death doesn’t have much appeal, particularly death by torture.

However I’m not so blase about what might come after death either. In my case I’ve got a bit more reason than most to be leery. I’ve stated ad infinitum that the night my own father died, he materialised in my room. He started with an apology for 25 years of deliberate cruelty (which basically destroyed my confidence, and he admitted he did it deliberately as “I was jealous. I didn’t have the same opportunities you did.”)

At one stage I blurted out, “What is this!!? A dream or something?!” He got a slightly bemused expression on his face, and replied, “No, it’s not a dream. I died tonight.”

At the end he gave this absolutely terrifying scream. It was obvious something was coming for him, but I couldn’t see what it was. I could only see him.

So if we don’t pass muster, death will not be a peaceful experience at all.

This is not unbiblical. Christ warned us that those who have not believed in him have already been judged. Mary at Fatima gave the three children a vision of hell, and they nearly died of fright.

So I’m not much of an admirer of death. It doesn’t turn me on.

Without wishing to come off as needing a mental evaluation, I have no fear whatsoever of death and I look forward to it. I only hope that it happens while I’m on my way home after confession. :thumbsup:

I have very ambivalent feelings about death. On the one hand I long for Heaven more than anything. It is so painful to live in this world where God always seems to be veiled from our sight.

On the other hand there are a number of possible scenarios that I fear.

  • I fear a painful death, since I have had much emotional pain in my life, but very little great physical pain, and my courage has not really been tested. I fear that painful circumstances would cause my faith in God to waver.
  • I fear the threat of torture or death from persecution - I fear that I might not have the courage to be faithful.
  • If I were to be faced with death when my children are still little, that would be a sore trial as I would be so anxious for their sake; and I am afraid that would cause my faith to waver.
  • I am also afraid of Purgatory as I have heard that the sufferings there are very intense and can last a very long time.

In the words of Jack Sparrow, “You have no idea.”

I would hope for and welcome a Martyrs death, and the way things are going I might not have a long wait.:slight_smile:

Who is Jack Sparrow? :confused:

Just a fictional pirate who shares my attitude towards death. :wink:

The worst pirate I’ve ever Heard of.

At least he’s honest (and so am I). And in all honesty, I find it ironic that we’re a pro-life religion yet have people screaming for martyrdom.

Impossible it may sound, aspiring for earthly immortality is actually not sinful. :wink:

I didn’t say it was. I would like a martyrs death because it is a crowning glory in the life to come. In fact I’m just being greedy.:wink: (and you missed your half of the quote:eek:)

The older I get, the less I fear death.
The more I learn of God and the more I feel His guiding presence, the less I fear death.
Yet - I chose “somewhat” in the poll because I cannot in all honesty say that I welcome it or look forward to it.

It might be easy to say now that I welcome death because it is (at present) a somewhat academic thing. I am in good health and in a state of grace (so far as I know). But what my reaction will be upon receiving news of some terminal disease…:shrug:

I do know that sometimes, in bed, when I think about my life and my death, I feel incredibly sad, and fearful. Undoubtedly my carnal weakness showing through, but also showing a deep seated “lack of faith”.

In truth though, I think I fear death less than I fear an extensively long life.

One thing I am grateful for is some wonderful, “death lessons” that I am being taught. My Dad’s death was long and difficult - but Holy. My Godfather’s death was quicker, but also Holy. My wife’s battle and her resignation to God’s Will is yet another inspiration.
I pray that God will give me such strength when my time comes.


I don’t fear it or have any worries about it, other than what my family would go through.

Death is just a change of address. Not to keen on the suffering that will precede death, or the purgatory that I will most likely have to go through, but I’m ready.
This world holds little for me, I’m a stranger in a strange land (and it’s getting stranger by the minute).

I just finished reading Heaven is for Real. The 4 year old boy Colton who died while in the middle of surgery and went to heaven and came back to share it. After reading that book and hearing other experiences from people who have died then were told “it wasn’t their time” and were brought back to earth, I have absolutely no fear of death. After my own mom passed I, as well as my sister in law had so many different “signs” and extrordinary things happen that I know, her soul and spirit where with the Lord and she was in a state of grace and…she was watching over our family as well.

Note that I’m not interested in the process of dying, which can be quite painful, but in the final act of dying.

The only problem I have with death is the manner in which God allows it to come. Otherwise, I really do not fear actual death.

I crave it because death means eternal life since the Resurrection. I would die eagerly if only I could escape both hell and purgatory.

The given “options” are deficient. I do not “fear” not “hope for” death. It is inevitable, but unwelcome. However, at least death and taxation are mutually exclusive - at least for the time being - though I am sure the polititians are already trying to figure out a solution :).

But the poll made me to think: “speaking to those who can hardly wait… would it be impolite to say that I wish that their desire would be fulfilled as soon as possible??? Or would that be improper to endorse their wishes???”

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