How do you feel about "God-Siblings"?

Just recently I’ve heard a lot of people referring to people as their “God-Brother” or “God-Sister”, etc. Obviously these have no real legal standing, but are the terms themselves valid?

Personally, I would support the terms as it gives a fairly unambiguous definition of relationship between people or a “how I know them” scenario.
However, a close friend of mine (also Catholic) says that such terms should not be used as they have no legal standing nor real meaning.

God-sibling(s): The child(ren) of my own God-parents and/or the God-child(ren) of my own parents.
God-Uncle: The brother of either of my Godparents.
Et cetera…

Would you use the terms or reject them?

It is a lovely thing to understand we have an extended family through our baptism. People are too keen on turning the “family tree” into a single limbed stick these days.

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well, define “valid”. People are using these terms colloquially and phrases like these develop organically and don’t seek permission from the language police before moving into the lexicon (unless you live in France, where they actually have language police).

Your friend is right they aren’t legal terms and as far as having “real meaning” I tend to agree but that is somewhat in the eye of the beholder.

No, I wouldn’t use the terms because they confuse the real role of godparent/sponsor within the Catholic faith. OTOH if people are very close, I can see it being used.

Sort of confusing, as one’s Godparents are often relatives already which makes their children your relatives already.

But I guess its less stupid than people referring to the pets of their children as their “Grand-dogs”.

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My family uses the term “god-brother”, and I find no objection in it.
It doesn’t need to have legal standing, it is just an affectionate term.


I think if I had a relationship with my Godparents other Godchildren it would be a nice term.


I have no objection if people want to use this term because they feel close to their godparent’s family. I didn’t feel terribly close to my godparents or their families, so I wouldn’t use the term myself, but I have no objection to anyone calling their own loved ones by whatever they wish (I don’t mind “grand-dogs” either).

Who cares about “legal standing”? I have friends who I call “sister” or “brother” from time to time because I feel close to them. Obviously, under the law they are not legally my sister or brother. I couldn’t care less as this is about expressing closeness, not about who gets my estate after I die.

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Just more made up terms to make people feel included into something they actually are not, like “pet parent” or referring to your childless best friend as “aunt.”

Apart from that decent Godparents should be involved in the family of their Godchildren, this involvement would extend to any children who were brought over to meet their “God-Siblings”.
My priest is not biologically my father but I call him Father and he often calls me son. I know obviously that “Father” is his title, but he and I make each other feel included. My own parents did not elect him, but they did elect my Godparents. We all are just one extended family.

Also, all words and terms are made up. :slight_smile:

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Technically the whole human race is family weither saved or unsaved.


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