How do you feel about male nudity in movies? Hubby and I saw Hall Pass


Did you enjoy it / hate it?

I wanted to look away but I couldnt stop looking


I feel a bit annoyed that the whole world seem to care about female modety and not tempting the eyes and if a man walks nude it´s okay. I am a sensual person, too, and yes, I struggle with temptation, too.
That said, I live in a culture where visiting a steam bath naked is rather ordinary, and even if my french and middle eastern ancestors would have had a heart attack with this, I got used to it. Nudity is sometimes simply nudity, so, it depends on the context (haven´t seen the film).


I suppose it depends on the movie or situation in the movie, and how much it’s being sexualized. In a lot of situations I tend to not sexualize nudity, I come from an art background where I painted from nude models or viewed classical art where there is nudity, but it wasn’t sexual. Most of the time it’s not an issue for me.


Agreed. In Captain Fantastic it was completely in keeping with the character when he walks out of the bus naked in the campground. It wasn’t sexual.

As for the OP’s movie— I just looked it up and it doesn’t sound like Catholics should be going to see that movie in the first place.


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