How do you feel

I,am not very happy when I,am trying to part take in the Mass,and some one cell phone goes off. How do you feel about this.
I beleive that a person can leave it of durning mass,or if he has to have it on because of medice reasons with some one sick or Ill,than he should put it on vibation so we don,t here it going off.
As I turn to my right,I found some one useing one,I keep looking at her from time to time,finnaly she got the hint,that she should be their to part take in the Mass, and use it later.I know some church ask that they turn them off before Mass starts,but I can hear from time to time one going off,and people looking were it,s coming from.They forget their in the present of the LORD.

I knew a thread like this would come up someday! :stuck_out_tongue: I personally can’t stand it. I mean, unless you’re a teen who’s about to die and wants to call their parents, then sure, by all means use your phone, and that goes for everyone, not just teens. And, I say bring your phone with you, in case something were to happen, so you could make phone calls right away. But when you’re texting or seeing the latest Facebook post, that’s a huge no. As for phones going off, oh, my poor Priest. :smiley: Over the summer, every time he went to begin his homily, someone’s phone started ringing. He didn’t make much notice of it any of the times it happened, even though it echoes and was really loud at one point. Thankfully, no one called me while I was at Mass, as I had forgotten to turn my phone to vibrate one time. :rolleyes:

I particularly get quite annoyed when it happened but I had to remind myself that Jesus had to cope with worse. As followers of Christ, I believe that we must pray to die to ourselves, and learn to love others. Only GOD knows what is in that person’s heart. They may not be at the same spiritual level as you or they may have forgotten to turn it off. Even though, it’s difficult, I would recommend seeing it as a cross to carry. Also, you can speak to the priests at your church, so that an announcement could be made before mass to switch all mobile phones off and see how that turns out.:smiley:

The revised version of Luke 18:11:

The Pharisee took up his position and spoke this prayer to himself, ‘O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity—greedy, dishonest, cell phone using—or even like this tax collector.

This is not about a custom or tradition. Albeit some people think that cell phones should be standard equipment in a church.

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