How do you get in the Holiday Spirit


A couple of years ago the Spirit just died for me. Oh i went through the motions but something was missing. My kids got older, lost loved ones. But last year i found it again. My husband and i, and my 2 kids all pick an angel from the tree. I thought boy were my kids lucky. Always alot of presents. Thats my way of thanking God for being so good to me when my kids were little.



My dad died in July of 2005. The last couple of Christmases were nice, but hard. Christmas of 2005 my husband did the shopping; I just couldn’t do it.

I am hoping this year will be better. We’re getting a tree on Sunday; that might help! —KCT


Seeing a room lit only by lights from a Christmas Tree, Christmas Carols, setting up the Nativity Scene, buying the perfect present, surprise gifts for others, hot chocolate, candles on The Wreath, and the all important Christmas movies:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Carol
It’s a Wonderful Life
The Polar Express

Now, decorating a lit tree in a dim room with Christmas Carols playing in the background, then putting your surprise presents for others under the tree and settling down to watch “A Christmas Story” with a mug of hot chocolate? THAT get’s me into the Christmas spirit!


I soooo agree with you!!! ( and typing in red helps too:p ")


I am a musician. Our hardest work is around Christmas. So I don’t get excited at Christmas any more :frowning: . I have to work Christmas Eve Mass and again on Christmas Day.
My Christmas spirit died out long ago unfortunately.


That is really great, rinnie. I decided a few years back, to develop a deeper prayer life during Advent…almost like a mini-Lent, of sorts. My whole family is into it…right now, my husband is working crazy hours, but I always make sure to light a candle nightly, and pray various Advent prayers. I hold off shopping until 3 days before Christmas…and save all of the wrapping until Christmas Eve. It sounds like…wow, this is overwhelming…waiting until the last minute. But, it really has had the opposite effect. That’s my way of getting into the spirit.

I think that you are right, when you give with not even a thank you in return–wow, that is something.


Christmas Carols, Christmas Carols, and more Christmas Carols. :smiley:


the decorating, shopping, baking thing does absolutely nothing for me, and has not for many years. we re-shaped Christmas a long time ago, in fact when my kids were younger, first by observing the liturgical seasons in their proper place, Advent and Christmas tide, and second by focussing on service rather than on peripherals. Most years on Thanksgiving and Christmas kids and I were serving dinner at Salvation Army or other venues, Advent was spent collecting toys, food and gifts for needy or adopt-a-family through parish, St. Vincent, scouts or other charity. glad to say DD has taken up this habit with her kids.

and homemade gifts for family members, and homemade ornaments and decorations.

creative puzzles games and what has evolved into a gigantic family-wide e-based puzzle contest that lasts at least until Epiphany before everyone completes the contest and finds the prizes.

we are going to do this by geo-caching next year, because this year eveyone will receive the technology as a gift from SIL. we work all year on the puzzles, it is in effect an e-scavenger hunt slash puzzle contest.

we do our family Christmas get-together in July in a family friendly resort and do a little gag gift exchange (nothing over $10).


I think puzzleannie’s traditions sound awesome.

We have certain traditions that keep continuity and bring a special warmth to our family. One is waiting until Chrismas eve morning to purchase a tree ( for us it has to be a real one), and spending most of the day decorating it and snacking on our cookies. Usually we go to midnight Mass, this year we have to go to an earlier one( sad for me). We do lots of cookie baking in the weeks of advent. When we can make enough, we like to give platters of cookies away to neighbors, the convent and rectory, or whoever!

A note to RWMorris: My husband and I are musicians also, and due to more or less “political” reasons that exist in our church, we are not able to ever play at the midnight mass (my favorite mass of the year) or any other regular Sunday mass. We do play at other churches occasionally, and the occasional odd mass at our own. What we wouldn’t give to have an expression for the spark within us! I understand how the work and hours involved infringe on your Christmas, but do consider the blessing you are to your parish and all who hear you, and the residual blessing of being able to express the talents the Lord has given you. Not trying to preach! Just thought it could give you a little different perspective…God Bless your service to His Church, and grant you a peaceful Christmas in spite of your schedule!




You know, maybe it would help if you keep thinking about the joy your music brings to others from your hard work.

In a small way, it’s like Jesus’ incarnation. He knew His coming to Earth would involve hard work, loneliness, rejection, and His ultimate sacrifice, but He did it out of love for us, knowing it would bring us eternal joy.


I have a some half size tree I put up every year and I do a lot of volunteer work as well as a little baking…that usually does it. I’m single so I tend to get a little depressed around the holidays. This Christmas eve is going to be rough since I’ll most likely be alone…I trying to think of something I could do besides watch movies at home…:confused:


I just want to say thank you… I worked on our Angel tree party this year with my ds… my daughter worked it last year and my bosses wife is in charge of it for our area. Although there are folks that seem to think this is a right not a privilege, it really isn’t about the parents… it is about the kids.

To get us in the mood, since we can’t even afford to buy a gift for others, I always schedule a family project to help others… like working this party or driving a friend that doesn’t drive out to Christmas shop… just something to make somebody’s Holiday a little easier. Sometimes it is just making cookies for elderly that won’t bake for themselves because it is too much… we take them a variety in small quantities so they get Christmas cookies with out having to bake too many for them to eat.


Hey maybe try Christmas eve mass. Mass at midnight is beautiful. Next year i want to work at a shelter or feed the homeless somewhere. There is nothing like Christmas to bring out the Christ in all of us. Hope something comes your way to make it wonderful for you. And older we get the more we realize its not about money its about giving and sharing, and when you can share yourself, there is no bigger gift. There are old people in homes too, who would love to see someone anyone. God Bless You.


first event each season since 1987 when DD took up tuba in HS band has been Tuba Christmas, we went to the local one yesterday, so the holiday season has officially begun. I really love any school Christmas band or choir concert, and the schools make sure we Winter Texans get invites, so I usually hit a half dozen or so of these events. much better than anything heard on the radio


That’s great! I’m glad this generation is over those silly stereotypes about “girl” and “boy” instruments. One of my best friends is a female tuba-player, and she was a bit of a trail-blazer back then. As a flutist, I can tell you that the tuba players’ parties were much more fun than the woodwinds’! :smiley:

RWMorris, I feel your pain. This is a very busy time of year for us musicians, and it’s hard to keep the holiday spirit alive when it gets to be so much work. Just yesterday I played a paid gig while just getting over a stomach virus. It was too late to find a sub – everyone else is as busy as I am – and the show must go on. Between PowerAde, Pepto-Bismol, and prayer (“please, God, don’t let me puke or pass out during this gig”) I made it through, but it was no fun!

To get myself in the mood, I listen to some classical Christmas music while I decorate the house. Despite being a woodwind player, I love the sound of Christmas songs played by a brass quintet. Once the place is decorated, I invite friends over to see it. That’s the best part!


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