How do you get rid of selfishness?


I’ve observed that I do have selfishness within me. How do I get rid of it?


I can’t know exactly what you mean by that, whether you are noticing the simple fact that you have your own consciousness, your own awareness, and the desires and self-protectiveness that go with personal consciousness. You can’t get rid of that inescapable sense of self, if that’s what you do mean, simply because it is central to your human nature.

To a degree, that kind of selfishness that is self-awareness, is a good measure for the compassion, decency, forgiveness, and kindness that you owe others, an therefore is a gift you can use “to love others as you love yourself” as Jesus commands.
Jesus knew that ‘selfishness’ if you want to call it that, is a measure of giving for others…how much we should consider and bless them.

Selfishness…do we all to some degree or other think or act with selfishness due to the fact that we look out on the world through the window of self awareness? I think to a greater or lesser degree most of us do have areas, or moments, where we realise we are overdoing love and protection of self?

I think you can continue to try, using your own sensitvities or ‘selfishness’ as some guide to give others the kindness, consideration, and attention that you yourself desire.
To get rid of selfishness completely? I suspect that only God can free us completely into pure, unconditional love of others.



Before we can discuss how to get rid of selfishness, we have to make sure that’s what it really is.

The antithesis to selfishness is detachment. But before one gets into a spiritual program of detachment, one must make sure that one has atachments that are road blocks to full union with the Divine.


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