How do you get to Oprah?

Hello -

Wondering if anyone has an address (NOT email) to contact Oprah Winfrey. I’m not looking for her home address, just a physical mail address where I could send a letter.

I’ve been a subscriber of her magazine for some time now, and I have always enjoyed it. Well, this month, they started a new column - the Sex Column. The topic for this month is about how a girl can spice up her sex life with her boyfriend, what new position can they recommend to surprise him for his birthday. :eek:

I nearly threw up. I honestly did get that ill feeling when I saw that - I always thought that her magazine would not stoop to the level of all the other women’s fashion rags out there that need sex to sell them.

So - I have a letter I would like to send, and I do not want to send it email where I only have a 2,000 character limit, and it’s only going to be read by someone at a response center anyway.

Any ideas? I looked all over her website and could not find a physical address, nor in the magazine itself. :shrug:



Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure her personally reading your letter is going to be next to nil. Unless someone can actually find you a physical house address, I think the best chance would be to send it to her in care of whichever station her show is on.

Good luck.

Oh, and send it to the magazine too!

Thanks Dandelion! :smiley: The envelope is all addressed and ready to go!


I suggest you also send it to those who advertise in her magazine and send a note to the editor. Who know you might just end up in the notes to the editor of the magazine.

That is a good idea!

I was really disapointed - I know someone who used to (apparently) work for O Magazine here in the Detroit area, for Hearst actually. I emailed her to ask her who she would suggest sending the letter to and her email address came back as invalid. :frowning: I’ve not spoken to her in about a year, so I guess she’s changed jobs. That would have been the perfect route - but oh well! :shrug:


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