How do you handle it?

I’m a sponsor in the RCIA programme in my church. I just started beginning of this year. 2 weeks ago, I chatted with some of the enquirers after the session and there were very scientific people who watch the scientific documentary about Christianity and the next topic they discussed was stigmata. Some of them believed that not all stigmata comes from God then they give example, Julia Kim, a stigmatist ( The reason was because she wanted people to worship her. Well, It’s not true. How do you handle such situation? because they are not required to believe private revelation, but it could mislead other people.

I do not know thw specific case you mention. But in general they are correct that not all stigmata, not all private revelation, comes from God. That is where it needs to conclude because even if you accept it or even the Church “accepts” it as possibly from God. No one is required to accept it.

Thanks. But won’t it be misleading if I start telling people that those that’s already approved by the church is not from God?
In my opinion, we may not accept it, but I don’t think we should tell people abt it. what’s ur opinion?

Whatever you teach, you teach the whole truth. Do not teach 1/2 of truth and hide 1/2 it. It only makes it bab.

If the Church accepts it and does not require you to accept it, you just tell them so. If they ask you more question why the church does not require you to accept it…hmm…I let others answer this part. I think I know what it is but I don’t know how to put into words.

Again, when comes teaching RCIA, you should not hide any things. :slight_smile:

No, because the Church does not say directly that any specific private revelation is a definitive sign from God, it says that this could be of supernatural origin and that it could be a sign from God.

No no, I mean if there are enquirers mislead others about it. Should I just correct it on the spot? Somehow, I’m afraid that they will be defensive.

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