How do you handle life's twists and turns?


Our family is going through lots of changes right now and there is a bit of suffering in the process. A lost job, children paying the price socially because we took a stand on an issue at school, unable to meet our tuition payments and falling behind in other areas too. It’s hard for me to see where this new road is leading and that causes me to be nervous but also excited. We have been praying for guidance and know God will provide, but what will be lost in the process and what will be gained? How do you handle these curves? Do you feel like putting on the brakes or are you the kind that wants to take the curve fast because you can’t wait to see what’s on the other side? Are there any saints you look to that give a great example of handling changes better to be more submissive and joyful in this suffering?

God Bless and please pray for us,


I’m going through something similar, but all I can say is to hold on to hope, keep praying, and have a little faith. Prayers going up…


I go to adoration and added daily mass. You have no idea the calmness and the serenity I have now. It adds a new perspective to me and clears my thoughts. Life’s problems still need resolving, but I now I have a better handle on coping with them…one at a time, instead all at once and being overwhelmed.


We have had a lot of those turns too!
My daughter, 10 got diagnosed with Madelung’s deformity of her radius bone. A lot of bad stuff with that!
Right now I am really missing my Dad, who lived with us & very sadly, died in June from an 8 month battle with esophageal cancer with mets to liver and both lungs-death is never pretty!!!..our favorite dog ran under the side of our van as we raced to the hopsital so we detoured to the vet and the children and I watched blood pouring out of her as the vet assts took her out-she died. My brother-in-law’s dad died, our pastor’s dad died, my friend’s dad died and all this was the same month-June. Then, my other brother in law had to get an emergency quadruple bypass, my Mom is with us and suffering greatly, I have a crazy sister, who is abusive emotionally to her children and is destroying her life, and recently my husband got laid off indefinitely and my brother’s wife left him and their three young children because she is “tired” of being a wife and mother.
What a summer!
Somehow, I know that God is “on it” and He is going to handle things from His end as long as we do what we know we should: Seek ye’ first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added."
Where things look so bleak, we have managed to have a great marriage and feel confident that God will have a new position come to my husband and it will be the best for us. We are even looking at selling our beloved home if we have to but really, home is where one’s family is!
God can get us through these times but we have to look ahead in confidence and trust, like a child would when the parent says, “Honey, come with me.” The child just grabs on and walks, trusting that Dad will make it better.

Prayers for your situation!!!



I take the view that the light at the end of the tunnel is often an oncoming train. And the stuff I used to think was unbearable turns out to be the good ol’ days.

Don’t worry. It’s always darkest just before midnight.

It usually gets worse. But once in a while it gets better just so you can’t count on even the bad stuff.


There! Did that help?

I’m gonna be a grief counselor when I grow up!

How do I handle life’s twists and turns? I mock them. I look for the punch line. Because when I tell the story, people better laugh. Cuz SOMEONE might as well enjoy my life if I’m not!


Breathe in, exhale… repeat.

Every day looking at the grass from the green side is a good one - regardless of what’s thrown at you.

Sometime very soon pick an evening. Be selfish and pack the kids off somewhere - to friends, G-parents, whatever - or if they’re old enough to stay home alone for a few hours…

Take this evening with your spouse and breathe a little…(a bottle of wine sure wouldn’t hurt either :wink: )


I like your approach that the problems still need resolving but one at a time, not all at once. My husband and I both went to adoration yesterday while the children were at school. I always feel better after going, but yesterday I was singing. We ran into a group of sisters, full habits, happy faces. Do you know how blessed we felt after talking about general stuff, nothing heavy, for about half hour? “Oh, thank you God for these special women! Thank you for them being in habit so we could recognize who they were!” We prayed in adoration and again recommitted our lives to serving him. While none of our problems were solved yesterday, we sure got a different perspective and a bit of peace.



Oh my goodness, so much chaos going on around you. You have my sympathy. It is especially difficult when people pass away and I’m sorry you are going through so much.




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