How do you handle Solemnities during Lent?

Was thinking about this after I posted in jmj’s St. Joseph thread.

St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of Canada, so his Feast day is a Solemnity up here. If it doesn’t land on a Sunday, the day is treated like a Sunday, so we can break our fast/sacrifices (provided said sacrifices were, you know, not sinful in the first place), and can do things like eat meat if it lands on a Friday. My parish’s Feast day is also during Lent, so I’m pretty sure that gets promoted to a Solemnity as well.

Do y’all break your fast during Lent during those kinds of days? Do you break your fast on Sundays?

For me, I acknowledge that my answer is “yes” to all of the above.

I generally don’t break fasting or abstaining during Lent for Solemnities, but do for Sundays. In recent history St. Patrick’s day fell on a Friday, so our Bishop said that we could skip abstaining from meat on that Friday, but asked that we seriously consider abstaining on the next day (Saturday). So kinda ‘both and’ answer for that one.

A solemnity is treated just as any other solemnity is treated. Sundays are a solemnity. We sing the gloria at Mass. There is no fasting or other penitential practices. I am Italian and St. Joseph’s Day is a big day for eating pastries…link fo hard to do if you are fasting The Annunciation (Mar. 25) is a solemnity too.

Tes on a Lenten solemnity you can break the fast/penances. Liturgically you can chant the Te Deum and I think also the Gloria; the organ may also be used. But you still can’t say the “A” word (alleluia). You can also ease up on penitential practices on Sundays in Lent.

As far as fasting goes the only two fast days are Ash Wednesday and Good Fridays, with meatless Fridays (in a monastery all Lenten days except Sundays are fast days). For the laity Fridays in Lent are meatless but this can be broken on solemnities.

I believe the proper practice is that we do not fastm abstainm or perform any other penitential observances on Sundays and Solemnities. If the Canadian Bishops declare St. Joseph’s feast day as a solemnity, then celebrate.:smiley:

St. Joseph is always a solemnity; it does not need to be the patron. The day, like Lady Day on 25 March, is a solemnity on the universal kalendar. And, yes, it is appropriate to suspend one’s Lenten observances on both days.

what’s to handle? a solemnity is treated like a Sunday and we don’t fast and abstain on Sunday, so we don’t fast and abstain on solemnities in Lent.

How on God’s good earth could a fast/sacrifice be sinful?

I think he was saying if the thing fasted/sacrificed itself was sinful. So to make a special effort to quit gossiping during Lent, doesn’t mean you can start gossiping on Sundays of Lent.

if you say so, does that mean I would start gossiping again at Easter?

One would hope not, that maybe the 40 day fasting from that vice (46 including Sundays?) would be enough to break the cycle. As for me I know that I intend to sin no more everytime I leave the confessional, but I’m back in there about every month and my list of sins is about the same. Reminds me of something I heard on the radio ‘Would you rather have new sins?’

Some people go coast to coast and don’t take a break on Sundays. Like they give up soft drinks for Lent, and choose not to have soft drinks on Sundays. Personal choice on their part.

As for the last part, if someone gives up smoking for Lent, they may not want to do it on Sundays either. Lent could be used as a motivator to start over, like New Years but instead you’re using penance and whatnot as a motivator.

LOL :smiley:

The rule I’ve always heard is that the thing you are “giving up” for Lent can’t be sinful or a bad habit, since we shouldn’t be doing those things anyway. It’s hardly a sacrifice to give up something I’m not supposed to be doing.

So, we can use Lent as a time to increase our virtues by not gossiping, but the official Lenten sacrifice still has to be chocolate! :smiley:

Last year in my pre-Catholic zeal, I did give up coffee for lent and I didn’t drink it on Sundays either.

Brave girl! I have never given up coffee for Lent because I don’t think I should impose my penances on other people. :stuck_out_tongue:

While giving up chocolate is penitental, it doesn’t turn me into a raving harpy for days as I get over the withdrawl pains.:eek:

I too gave up coffee one lent. The people in the parish office asked me never to do it again.

I think medications are always exempted from fast and abstinence rules

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