How do you identify and remove evil from your life?


Doesn't really matter what it is, but just do you deal with evil trying to take a foothold in your life? How do you identify something or someone trying to bring evil into your life? *Would you be able to recognize evil if it were coming your way?** I thought I was good at telling the difference between good and evil, but lately...I don't know.

I am typically a person who gives the benefit of the doubt to people. I like to believe people are inherently good, albeit misguided or lost if they show signs of bad behavior. I am in a quasi-situation right now, which isn't getting better, and it's causing me angst. I am strong in my faith, but lately, I feel like I'm making excuses for people who exhibit bad behavior. Maybe because the bad behavior isn't constant. What do you do to avoid evil, or get it away from you? Finally...Is it judgemental to think this way? (that a person's behavior can negatively impact your own life) Thanks for your thoughts, in advance.



In my view, I try to overcome hate with love.

I know I can’t combat and rid all evil in the world (I’ve tried that…sort of tiring) so I do what I can around my life. Smile to random strangers-it might make their day! Let someone go in front of you in traffic, little things like that.

I’d be careful to split “sin” (even constant) and “evil”. An evil person doesn’t know their evil-I try to use that word for someone truly horrific.

It’s hard sometimes to view evil as such-it’s such a powerful word. If someone truly was evil, I’d have no relationship with them, whether they be my neighbor, relative, or a total stranger.

I’d be able to recognize evil, but sometimes it IS hard.

I have a feeling this won’t help.


First off… (((HUGS))) my friend… anything that is causing you angst isn’t good. :frowning:

It’s a very delicate balance to “love thy neighbor” *without *“condoning their sin”… sometimes addressing the sin directly can work against you and damage a relationship.

I always try to think back to the Gospel… you know, since Christ Himself ate and drank with sinners… He told them to “go and sin no more”, but He must’ve been AWFULLY convincing to be able to do that in a loving AND effective way! It’s a difficult task to take on as lowly sinners ourselves without diving into that realm of pointing out slivers while ignoring beams…

How about a balanced approach?.. Retracting from the relationship a bit (for your sake) without slamming any doors (for their sake)?.. along with some dedicated prayers?..

(((HUGS))) to you… sorry you’re struggling… definitely a tough situation.


Don't ever ignore anxiety.

It's the voice of your guardian angel saying WARNING!

If something gives you joy, real joy, it's from God. They say that's the only emotion Satan can't replicate.

Go back and read Genesis. Evil sometimes comes along in the form of inviting suggestions. Eve would have done better if she had gone over and sat by Adam instead of having a conversation with evil. Adam was no help, really. He was behaving like the beta dog there. Then he blamed it all on the wife.

I think if they had both taken the apple and gone to God and said, "Lord, what should we do?" they would have gotten a clear answer.

Asking your guardian angel to protect you is my favorite thing. I also find myself saying the prayer to St. Michael often under my breath when I am around certain people.

We all encounter evil people. When the red lights start flashing and we see indications people are not as nice as they seem on the surface, in my old age I have started avoiding them. You can say hi, but don't stop to chat.

No, it's not judgmental. We have our own example from Christ. In the desert with Satan, he judged the temptations to be wrong and told Satan so. We were given free will and intellect. The intellect part was to make a judgment call on good and evil.

And when situations keep getting worse, I avoid them. Before I get sucked into the vortex.

When you meet a wolf in sheep's clothing, don't adopt it as a pet, I say.


*RK, EM and Liberano…THANK YOU, really. I feel a bit better already. That knot in my stomach is dissipating.

Liberano…I had tears in my eyes with your quote…’‘Eve would have been better staying by Adam, instead of having a conversation with evil.’’ That is by far one of the best, most reassuring quotes, I have ever read. I never thought I would have to apply it to my own life. And that is the thing about the devil…he is so sly. A master liar.

The gist of the situation, Rascalking, this might better help you…is that I joined a running group, (see “venting” thread) and a single man there asked me out. Knowing I’m married, and doesn’t care. I don’t know if I’m naive, stupid, whatever…but, it is so beyond me, I don’t know what to make of it. He’s not the first man to ever hit on me being married, but the first guy to not take no for an answer. Anyways, of course I said no, he kept persisting. We had words recently after a run, when he started up again…and I know I will be seeing him again soon. I get a week reprieve as he is out of town on business and won’t be in the group. I don’t want to have to leave this group over this guy, and when he is around…he can be quite nice, even. I hate saying that. But, he can be…and so, ‘‘conversing with evil,’’ as you say Liberano…yes, I think that’s what it is…because whenever I talk with him, he always turns the conversation to…’‘so, just dinner…doesn’t have to be anything but dinner.’’ I just keep saying…no, I’ve told you, NO. I mean, go find a single woman, for pete’s sakes. :mad:

You know, it took me a while to come out of my shell in Florida…I do, I love the benefits of this running group, but here I am, faced with a situation that is uncomfortable, to say the least. My husband doesn’t know any of this, I don’t want to involve him. He trusts me, and I trust him…he will not feel comfortable with me at this group, I know him. This pales in comparison to people’s ‘‘real’’ problems, but the real problem is not the guy, it’s me. Why don’t I know how to identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing? :(*


"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

That's a Shakespearean way of saying, "Trust your instincts."


WG - I forgot you had been eluding to this situation in that other thread (memory failure duh!)… so thanks for clearing it up…

Truthfully - see if you can find another running group. Be honest and open with the group leaders for why you’re quitting… maybe they can even offer suggestions for other groups!

It is time to just totally step away… even if it means running on your own… :frowning:


Hi WG… trust your instincts!

A man with good intentions would immediately step back when he learns your marital status. He isn’t stepping back. I don’t like that, it makes me feel weird, and I don’t even know him (or you personally, KWIM)

You are a mom…would you feel comfortable with a younger version of this guy around your DD? Or a pushy woman around your DH?


This is outrageous. I’d tell other people in your running group, make a public scene, call attention to this slime ball, and then I’d get your self 1) Mace, and 2) a Pit bull.

If this “man” tries anything again, let me know, I’ll ship you down my two dogs and they’ll tear him limb from limb.

In all seriousness, this is truly offensive. Tell him firmly that if he says anything again, you’ll never speak to him.

If the other people in your running group don’t kick him out, get a new running group.

Don’t let it bring you down, Whatevergirl. Your WAY too good a person to have your time ruined by this slime bag.


*EM, I think you might be right. I will see how it goes, and one more uncomfortable moment, and ‘fleeing’ would be wise. Was it St Paul who instructed for us to ‘‘flee from sin?’’ I’m starting to see why he was so literal.

Here is the irony…so over the weekend was when I had words with the guy, and left…very shaken up…very upset. Then I ended up meeting a friend for dinner…one of my daughter’s friend’s moms…and I came out and asked her if she’d run this 5k with me. She said yes! So…I’m running with her this coming weekend. And haha yes, I do run alone. :smiley: But, it helps to keep pace with someone…especially people who are a lot faster right now than me, the women in this group really push me…so, for that, it’s been a good thing.

I was very hesitant to post this here…guess because I don’t want people to think I’m a fool, or weak…or whatever. But, glad I did, because I received advice I really can apply. I read posts on here about married people going out to dinner with old flames, and I think in my mind, why put yourself in that situation? And then here I am, thinking I can be friends with a man who has bad motives like this. God tests us sometimes, I guess, we need it when we grow too complacent. And lest we become judgemental. Like if your faith is never tested, then how do you grow stronger, right? And again, the test isn’t that of if I would do something I shouldn’t, that part was a no brainer…it’s that I would make excuses for bad motives, and somehow think that I could just ‘be friend’ with someone like this, to keep peace, not cause waves, etc. I didn’t take his '‘offers’ seriously either…because I’m married. I mean, I marvel at the nerve. *


That’s why I’d tell your husband. Imagine if the running shoe were on the other foot. And some chippy was coming on to him and not taking no for an answer and he didn’t tell you about it. Do you have an understanding in your marriage that you keep this kind of thing from each other?

There’s a great song: “What part of no don’t you understand?” I’d just keep saying that to him.

Then again, I’m mean. After the 5th time, I’d say, “I have a husband. I don’t need some other woman’s reject.”

I bet THAT would make him go away! :thumbsup:


Hey…maybe I should buy two big dogs, and run with THEM. Problem solved, thanks RK!!! :rotfl: Thank you…I didn’t mean to share tmi, hopefully, I didn’t. I just needed you to understand the crux of it…being ‘‘loving’’ in this case, might not be the best approach. :wink:


RUN! Not with the running group. Run away from that jerk! He sounds like a real problem.

Hun, it’s not you–it’s him. If you didn’t already know, some guys get off on “conquering” married women. Yes, it’s quite evil of them.

And tell your husband what’s going on. You trust him so don’t start keeping little secrets from him on account of some jerk who likely wants a married woman for his next trophy. You have just identified a wolf in sheep’s running shoes.


*Well, I don’t look at it as ‘‘keeping it from’’ him…I don’t want him to think I can’t handle myself, because I can. I don’t want him to ask me to leave the group, either. I can see this thread going down a different path after this post. I’m embarassed by this man’s behavior, Liberano…I did nothing wrong, I know this in my heart and mind, and my husband wouldn’t think I did…but, he might ask me to leave the group. I don’t want a decision ‘‘made’’ for me. *


Why do some men want to ‘‘conquer’’ a married woman? I sound like I’ve fallen off the turnip truck…maybe I have. I know it goes on, that part I know. But, why would someone knowingly PURSUE a married person…there are women who purposely pursue married men, also…I remember this happening to one of our neighbors in Pgh. I don’t get it!!! :frowning:


I can see that.

But you have NO reason to be embarrassed for someone else’s bad actions.

Really, some people only want the forbidden fruit. Once they get it, they don’t want it anymore. It’s the sign of someone on the emtional level of a two year old? Ever seen them cry for something and finally you hand it to them and then they carry it three steps and drop it? It’s no fun anymore. The fun was in the chase. Sounds like Mr. Runner is a professional chaser.

it really isn’t you. It’s HIM. HE’s the one with the problem.


:rotfl: I just can’t get past the turnip truck comment… that one tickled me - thanks for the giggle…

Do they really require their own trucking industry? :shrug:


*You had me crying…you now have me laughing! :rotfl: A two yr old…you’re right, they do that! Yes, he is the one with the problem. I don’t know why as women, we feel…did I say something, look a certain way…say something that he misread? :frowning: I have asked God to show me, reveal to me, if I did…and silence. Maybe because I didn’t.

I know my husband…he is a VERY laid back guy…but won’t like hearing this…I mean, no man would want to hear this. But, he will ask me to quit the group, out of respect for him, if nothing else. Maybe there is the answer right there. :o Okay.*


*When they’re as big as a person. :smiley: Ah, glad to be laughing. The stress that this has caused me…ugh. It’s so silly, in the grand scheme. *


If your husband would not feel comfortable with you being in this group, maybe this is another confirmation from God that He doesn’t want you there. When you are not honest with your husband (because the two become one) then you are lieing. And when you lie you come one step closer to the father of lies and…then he can harm you…because you are in his range and not protected by your husband…God. Food for thought…:wink:

I would say please God first unless you want a few go arounds with the devil and whomever and whatever he wishes to harass you with. You won’t really be able to discern this sort of evil because it will be on a much more personal level concerning your weaknesses and personality etc… Know too that the devil hates marriage so he’s gotcha with this…this in comparison to “real” peoples problems is not pale…in fact by the mere casual perception your guard is just where the devil wants it. I would talk to my husband. :smiley:

God Bless!

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